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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 14 Recap

In the morning, when he got up for the zero, Hu Qianyu had prepared a loving breakfast for the zero, but he didn’t appreciate him. He wanted to cook the noodles by himself. Hu Qianyu pulled the zero to eat and refused to eat. The water boiled off accidentally and overflowed. Coming out, Hu Qianyu burned himself in order to protect himself.

With guilt and conscience, he helped Hu Qianyu bandage his wounds. Hu Qianyu instructed him to eat zero and walked to the dining table to find that the sandwich on the plate was placed in the shape of a smiling face. The doorbell rang outside the door and opened the door for Zero. It was a USB flash drive sent by Zhang Huainian. Zero finally saw the complete rooftop image data of that year. After Hu Xin, a middle-aged man was taken out. The man was emotional, pointing at what Hu Xin was saying from time to time, but the picture was silent, no matter how seriously he identified it, he couldn’t know what the man was talking about.

Lin Weiling called Zhang Huainian and asked who the man in Zhang Huainian’s video was. Zhang Huainian told Lin Wei that when the incident happened, he had already left Hengsheng. Later, after many hardships, he found someone to copy the video, but Not knowing the identity of the man.

Television and media have reported on the commercial struggle between the Chen family and Hengsheng. The Chen family was caught in the trap of Hengsheng and bought the land in Hong Kong at a high price. The Chen family avenged the revenge and used the relationship to force Hong Kong Liying to cut off cooperation with Hengsheng. Hu Qian gave himself It was also strongly opposed by the Hengsheng Board of Directors.

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