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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 13 Recap

Hu Qianyu and Lin Weiling attended the celebratory reception. Lin Weiling dressed up in a formal dress and won the amazement of the audience. Chen Dingli stepped forward to greet him and asked if Hu Qianyu could allow him to dance with Lin Weiling. Hu Qianyu decisively refused and told him no Yes, because he wants to dance with Lin Weizero. In the reporter’s interview, Hu Qianyu calmly summed up the Hong Kong auction trip in front of Qiao Li, Zhang Huainian and others. In addition to talking about the opportunity to learn from the predecessors, he also hinted that this trip was not without results.

Eating in a mobile trolley is zero. Because I cannot get Li Muchen’s understanding, I feel depressed. When I come to the mobile snack trolley, I want to use alcohol to relieve my sorrows. Li Muchen who is madly drinking boring wine. In Hu Qianyu’s car, Lin Weiling screamed and screamed all the way, because he was drunk and suffocated from time to time to open the sunroof and poked his head out to blow the air. Hu Qianyu couldn’t persuade him, and even clamored to open the door and jumped out of the car.

In Hu Qianyu’s apartment, Hu Qianyu carefully helped Lin Weiling, who was already drunk and unconscious, up and helped her dry it. She put on clean clothes and cooked the sober soup to feed it herself, finally putting Lin Weiling to sleep. Only then did I notice that my feet were worn out.

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