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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 9 Recap

The Hengsheng Library Charity Gala officially started. Yao Junmo brought Lin Weiling to attend, Li Muchen and Wang Shuwei attended, and the four sat together. Yao Junmo asked if Li Muchen’s plus one was Wang Shuwei. Wang Shuwei pretended to exclaim that he was so honored. Li Muchen smiled and said don’t get me wrong.

At this time, Hu Qianyu took Xu Ran, who was on a blind date last time, into the seat. Xu Ran showed a proud and triumphant look towards Lin Weiling. Xu Ran looked at Li Muchen and at Yao Junmo next to Lin Weiling, satirizing Lin Weiling at both ends. Lin Wei-zero looked far-sighted and did not respond, and Li Muchen was also silent.

Yao Junmo accidentally learned that Lin Weiling and Li Muchen were more familiar than he thought, and he chuckled unnoticeably. Facing Xu Ran’s tit-for-tat confrontation, Hu Qianyu looked calm as if he hadn’t seen it. Yao Yao introduced Hengsheng Group’s plan to donate to the library on stage. Hengsheng Group will build a library in the impoverished mountainous areas in the next few years. This charity event is prepared for this purpose.

Yao Yao hopes that the successful people in the audience can actively express their love, and thank you very much. Yao Yao looks more beautiful and dignified in the spotlight. Hu Qianyu turned his gaze to Yao Yao on the stage. Xu Ran was jealous when seeing Hu Qianyu’s eyes.

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