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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 8 Recap

Lin Weiling came to the R&D department with a bunch of product information, and when she opened the door, she found Hu Qianyu and Yao Junmo who were struggling. The arrival of Lin Weiling broke the conflict for a while, and the atmosphere immediately eased. Hu Qianyu reduced the anger on his face, Yao Junmo put on an unrestrained smile and greeted Lin Weiling, Li Muchen smiled warmly at Lin Weiling.

Hu Qianyu saw the reactions of the other two in his eyes and was silent. The atmosphere of the office generates a strange magnetic field for a while. Yao Junmo transferred the documents in Lin Weiling’s hand to Hu Qianyu, and then took Lin Weiling away. Hu Qianyu received the call and returned to Hu’s house.

Hu Qianyu thought that Hu Xin would say something unexpected today, but he didn’t expect that it was Hu Xin and Yao Yao who got together and asked him to go home to cook. Hu Qianyu took off his suit and showed his hands in the very high-end and modern kitchen of Hu’s family.

During the dinner, Yao Yao was full of praise for Hu Qianyu’s dishes. Yao Yao hinted that he heard that Hu Qianyu has been going on a blind date recently, and said with a smile that he heard that Hu Qianyu had recently had a meal with beautiful women in major well-known restaurants and tasted delicious delicacies. Hu Xin knew that Yao Yao’s mind quickly calmed down, whether the food outside the trolley was too oily or nutritious, so how could the fragrant taste of his own food be popular.

Hu Qianyu did not respond positively, but suggested that Yao Yao come to Hu Jiahao more to make Hu Xin fatter.

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