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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 7 Recap

Lin Weiling and Li Muchen met at a high-end restaurant and had a very happy conversation. Lin Weiling pretended to inadvertently ask Li Muchen what he didn’t know about the contract, and Li Muchen joked. Lin Weiling proposed to go to the 33rd floor archives again, but Li Muchen tactfully refused.

Li Muchen told Lin Weiling that it was already illegal to take her last time, and it was really inconvenient to have a second time. Lin Weiling was extremely disappointed, and Li Muchen couldn’t help but care when seeing Lin Weiling’s face pale.

At this moment the waiter brought a bottle of high-end red wine. Li Muchen and Lin Weiling looked at each other, neither of them ordered such expensive red wine. The waiter pointed to the side and said it was brought by the husband next to him. The two turned their heads and found Hu Qianyu and a socialite sitting not far away. His plan was disrupted by Hu Qianyu again. Lin Weiling was both angry and worried about Hu Qianyu’s omnipresence.

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