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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 12 Recap

In a private room of a high-end restaurant, the table was full of various dishes. Zhang Huainian took the initiative to give Hu Qian the dishes, but Hu Xin took the lead and asked Zhang Huainian if he wanted to win Hu Qianyu’s bid. He asked Zhang Huainian to withdraw from the auction and said that Zhang Huainian owed their mother and son. , This is due compensation.

Zhang Huainian didn’t want to quarrel with Hu Xin. He told Hu Xin that he finally had the opportunity to have a meal with his family. He hoped that Hu Xin would give up the argument first, but he didn’t want Hu Xin to press on. Zhang Huainian understood that Hu Xin had never been prepared to be with him from beginning to end. After eating this reunion dinner, I was forced to be helpless, and asked what Hu Xin had done to him over the years. Hu Qianyu didn’t even recognize him as his father. If Hu Xin said he owed them, let Hu Qianyu first admit that he is his father. Only then can he admit this debt. Zhang Huainian asked Hu Qianyu to call him “dad” in public. Hu Xin was trembling with anger after hearing Zhang Huainian’s words, claiming that people like him would never deserve a son, let alone be someone else’s father.

After finishing speaking, he grabbed the wine glass on the table and threw it towards Zhang Huainian. At the moment of the moment, Hu Qianyu stepped forward to help Zhang Huainian block the glass of red wine. The red wine flowed down Hu Qianyu’s clothes, and Hu Qianyu’s forehead was scratched by the shards of the thrown glass. Outside the hotel, Lin Weiling followed Hu Qianyu out. Lin Wei’s petty tissue helped Hu Qianyu clean the blood on his face. Hu Qianyu asked Lin Weiling if he could walk with him. Lin Weiling nodded and the two left.

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