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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 11 Recap

In a hotel in Hong Kong, the luxury caravan suddenly stopped. Hu Qianyu and Lin Wei got off the bus. Hu Qianyu instructed Wang Shuwei to bring Lin Wei’s luggage to his presidential suite. Lin Weiling refused and asked herself to live in a room by herself, but Hu Qianyu only told Lin Weiling indifferently that since she insisted on accompany him to “work” in Hong Kong, then please fulfill her responsibilities as an assistant, and the gambling agreement will still take effect.

In a small tavern, Hu Qianyu proposed to play a game of wine bottles with WeiZing. Whoever pointed the bottle mouth should answer the question, otherwise he would drink. Hu Qianyu used the aggressive method, and WeiZing had to agree. Hu Qianyu told Yao Yao what his relationship history was like before asking if he came to Hong Kong not only to accompany him, but he couldn’t answer every question at zero, so he had to drink heavily and quickly became drunk.

While he was conscious, he asked Hu Qianyu why he didn’t show up when Hu Xin drove him away, whether he liked him or not, he fell on the table after he finished speaking. Hu Qianyu looked at Ling Linghong’s drunken face and said softly that I love you.

In the hotel lobby, the press conference was almost over. Hu Qianyu, Yao Junmo and others were about to leave. Suddenly someone walked in. It turned out to be Hu Xin, and everyone was shocked. Seeing Hu Xin again after a long absence, Lin Weizhi didn’t know how to face it for a while, wanted to get close and stopped. But fortunately, what Hu Xin is most concerned about right now is not Lin Weiling and Hu Qianyu.

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