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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 10 Recap

Attorney Hu Zhai and Lin reported to Hu Xin that Hu Qian offered a 30% discount to install “digital home” equipment for Universal Group apartments. Hu Xin was surprised, and at the same time, she also realized Hu Qianyu’s feelings for Lin Weizero.

If things continue to develop, they will get even more out of control. Since Lin Weiling cannot be driven away, Hu Xin is ready to transfer Hu Qianyu. Hu Xin told Lawyer Lin one or two.

Hu Zhai, Hu Xin asked the chef to cook a large table of dishes. Aunt Mei said that she didn’t understand why she invited Lin Weiling to eat at home and made a table of dishes that Lin Weiling liked to eat.

Hu Xin told Aunt Mei that he had finally found a reason to transfer Hu Qianyu, and now he wanted to take advantage of Hu Qianyu’s absence to let Lin Weiling disappear forever. Aunt Mei nodded in praise.

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