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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 6 Recap

Hu Qianyu brought Lin Weiling to a high-end modern apartment in his own name. Hu Qianyu formally asked Lin Weiling if her return was for revenge. Seeing Hu Qianyu’s tough attitude, Lin Weiling made a desperate decision to sacrifice himself.

Lin Weiling told Hu Qianyu that he used his body to bet that if he got 10% of the shares of Hengsheng Group, Hu Qianyu would have to withdraw from the board of directors. If Lin Weizero loses, Hu Qianyu can ask her for anything. Hu Qianyu chuckled and asked Lin Weiling if he would lack a girlfriend, and the bet was not attractive to him. Lin Weiling was forced to a dead end, her last fight told Hu Qianyu that besides betting on her body, she also had her heart.

If you fall in love with Hu Qianyu, then Hu Qianyu can trample on and ravage his true feelings at will. Lin Weiling asked Hu Qianyu if this aroused his interest. Hu Qianyu was aroused and nodded in agreement. Hu Qianyu slowly approached Lin Weiling, wanting Lin Weiling to give his body tonight. Lin Weiling escaped in every possible way, and the last two agreed to live in different beds together to see who fell in love with whom first. Black love is on the verge.

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