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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 4 Recap

When the fun was over, Lin Weiling went to the self-service area to pick up dishes, but Hu Qianyu arrogantly ran ahead of Lin Weiling. No matter what Lin Weiling picked up, he would roughly interrupt him and grab the same dishes. Lin Weiling felt baffled, and was anxious to leave, but Hu Qianyu suddenly stuffed Lin Weiling a dinner plate full of vegetables. He advised Lin Weiling to be obedient and not to think otherwise, so that he would give her what she wanted, otherwise, she would get nothing.

Lin Weiling didn’t want to continue this conversation with Hu Qianyu, turned to leave, Hu Qianyu was about to continue, but Yao Yao pulled away suddenly. It turned out that the last part of the party was a charity sale, but all the items sold for the charity were the men and the girls on the spot. The girls bid for an opportunity to have dinner with this man. All the money collected was used to heal the mountainous area. For hare-lip girls, the only requirement is that women on the scene cannot bid for their male partners.

The scene raged because of this event. Although Hu Qianyu was unwilling to do so, it was no exception. Li Muchen, Wang Shuwei, Hu Qianyu, Yao Junmo, and all the young talents of Hengsheng were all pulled up to the booth.

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