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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Weiling conducted the first round of interviews with many competitors and successfully passed the first pass. Outside the company, Li Muchen had just returned from abroad after a long vacation. He was moving out the local exotic plants of various sizes from the trunk. Unexpectedly, one of the small potted plants almost fell off. Lin Weiling happened to pass by to help Li Muchen save The two talked briefly after the plant was over. Lin Weiling casually said the growth habits of the plant. Li Muchen couldn’t help but pay more attention to the girl.

The next day, Lin Weiling faced the assessment again, and the interviewer turned out to be Li Muchen, who happened to meet at the company’s door yesterday. Neither of them said much. Li Muchen inspected Lin Weiling’s professionalism. The professional abilities accumulated by Wall Street passed the assessment again. Li Muchen is very satisfied, saying that Lin Weiling has been admitted, and someone will lead the entry procedures in a while.

Lin Weiling almost met Hu Qianyu at the elevator entrance. She didn’t want to see him at this time, so she deliberately avoided. However, he did not expect that Hu Qianyu had noticed her a long time ago. Lin Weiling was stopped by Wang Shuwei as soon as he walked out of the gate of Hengsheng. Wang Shuwei took out a document.

It turned out that Lin Weiling was involved in a commercial case when he was working in the United States, and Wang Shuwei took the verdict that year. He asked Lin Weiling to leave on the condition of not publicizing the verdict. If she was unwilling to return to the United States, Wang Shuwei would find a suitable position for Lin Weiling in China. The only requirement was to leave Hengsheng.

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