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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 1 Recap

On a direct flight from New York to Shenzhen, Lin Weiling curled up and fell asleep in the crowded space next to the toilet seat. There is an Ipad next to her, and the display shows the report on Hu Qianyu, leading the world-Hengsheng’s first smart phone Super-vision is about to be launched. CEO Hu Qianyu worked tirelessly to make publicity, accompanied by a photo of Hu Qianyu.

The plane landed at Shenzhen Baoan Airport. At the security checkpoint, Lin Weiling suddenly found that his passport holder was missing. He flashed back. Lin Weiling was photographed and woken up. Everything on his body fell, including the one with the angel doll buckle. wallet.

In the meeting room of Hengsheng, because Hu Qianyu implemented system reforms in the company, which touched the interests of the major shareholders, Qiu Zhixin took the lead in the challenge. He Wan became a siege, but did not intend to mention that Lin Weiling, the only daughter of Hengsheng founder Lin Zhipeng, has returned to China. , It seems that someone has seen a private meeting with Yao Jia, Yao Yao, and asked Yao Yichen for confirmation. Yao Yichen laughed and said that his daughter and friend’s boudoir personal affairs had never interfered with him, and had no idea about it.

The speaker was intentional, and the listener was more attentive. Qiu Zhixin simply proposed that since the founder’s daughter has returned to her homeland, she should be assisted in entering the company to hold important positions. The shareholders all mind the expansion of the power of Hu Xin’s mother and son in the company. As soon as He Wancheng’s proposal came out, he actually started to discuss the matter in a serious way, which made Hu Xin a little worried.

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