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Long For You (2017) 我與你的光年距離 Episode 5 Recap

The cheerful and generous Xue Ji quickly gained the favor and trust of Gu Shiyi’s teammates, and soon accepted the request of Xue Ji to live. Only Gu Shiyi always frowned, and ignored Xue Ji’s love. . In the evening, when Gu Shiyi was chatting with Jiang Huai, Gu Shiyi finally told his unspeakable secret. He didn’t hate Xueji, he just couldn’t test Xueji’s heart. Xue Ji came to him for a dream, after all, if the person in the dream wasn’t Gu Shiyi, would Xueji treat him like this?

On the night of the full moon, the two came to the balcony by accident. Xue Ji was still deeply affectionate and dependent on Gu Shiyi, and Gu Shiyi could not be forced to accept this fate. Although his disgust on Xue Ji had already been eliminated in his heart, he could Dream-based love, in Gu Shi’s eyes, only Xue Ji’s admiration is a guise with a strong purpose. That being the case, why not make direct contact. Gu Shiyi asked impulsively May I ask like this? Xueji’s eyes glowed again. Unexpectedly, Xue Ji’s answer turned out to be so crisp, Gu Gushi tried to hide her inner emotions and returned to the room. If it wasn’t that he was still moving, how could he care about Xueji’s true heart.

He struck his robe, wore a bucket hat, and hurried away under the crescent moon’s bright night, and he was sorry and desperately heavy. Gu Shi woke up with a stun, the dream that appeared in Xue Ji’s mind hundreds of times, finally appeared in Gu Shiyi’s dream. The next day, the three people who returned to the apartment returned to the apartment and found that their house was filled with Xueji’s courier. It turned out that Xueji bought various gifts for her roommates to please her roommates, which further deepened her roommates. With a good impression, helpless Gu Shiyi sat by the sofa and read a book, Xue Ji quietly walked to Gu Shiyi holding a gift box. The reserved Gu Shiyi opened the gift at Xue Ji’s repeated requests. What he received was not a precious limited edition, but a couple costume drawn by Xue Ji himself. The ugly Gu Shiyi and Xue Ji were holding hands on the two clothes. Gu Shi was disgusted with this dress, but clung tightly to the bathroom and hid it secretly. Posing in the mirror, I like it very much.

In the evening, Jiang Huai returned home and was also excited about the gift that Xue Ji bought. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The delighted roommate thought it was express delivery. When he opened the door and took away the cake, he closed the door and brought Li Zhe, who visited Xue Ji, blocked the door. Angry Li Zhe knocked on the door again and walked into the apartment. Seeing Xue Ji was at home, Li Zhe was full of distress and jealousy. Xue Ji rejected Li Zhe’s request to buy a house and invited her roommates to share the cake. Li Zhe caught a glimpse of Gu Shiyi, who was reading on the sofa, and secretly tested what kind of boys Xue Ji likes. Xue Ji looked at Gu Shiyi with a happy face, and said according to Gu Shiyi’s character. Gu Shiyi secretly rejoiced and smiled secretly. Li Zhe listened and saw that Yue Xueji was hopeless, so he asked to live in the apartment. Gu Shiyi and Li Zhe Duan sat on both sides of the sofa and were extremely jealous. Li Zhe promised that he would never sleep on the sofa, but he and Gu Shi hugged to sleep the next morning.

Jiang Huai was carefully dressed in the cinema waiting for someone to come. It turned out to be waiting for the date of the favorite boy. Faced with the ambiguous movements of the boys in the cinema, Jiang Huai blushed, and the girl’s mind quietly moved. Gu Shiyi, who came home, saw Xue Ji sitting in the kitchen and waited for him. It turned out that he wanted to prepare the baking cakes he had learned on the tree. Xue Ji was not good at cooking, and the appearance of baking was very different from that in the book. When she was about to do it again, Gu Shiyi stopped her, took a spoonful and took a mouthful, put it in her mouth, and kept talking about delicious, Xueji also scooped up a spoonful of excitement unexpectedly.

Suddenly, all the lights went out and the apartment lost power. Xue Ji, who was calm and calm, was suddenly caught off guard because of the sudden darkness. Xue Ji was afraid of the darkness. Now she looks like the dream he often dreams of, and flustered Xue Ji fumbles around her mobile phone. Gu Shi When looking at Xue Ji, who would be scared for the first time, there was a distress in her heart, and Gu Shiyi hurried to find the night light and put it on the table. Faint light faded Xueji’s fear gradually, but the two of them looked at each other faintly under the dim light. Under the dim light, a heart that resisted intently, unknowingly walked towards the other heart.

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