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Long For You (2017) 我與你的光年距離 Episode 3 Recap

In the face of Li Zhe’s questioning, Xue Ji smiled softly. Xue Ji is Xue Ji. There is nothing to hide, but the secret of being resurrected. She has already told others of the immortal body. Isn’t it a harm. However, compared to the truth behind the secret, Li Zhe paid more attention to Xue Ji’s frankness and relatives. For some reason, this illegitimate daughter of the Li family, who had just arrived, made him care and care so much. A lightning flashed across the dim sky, and the bodies of the three abandoned wilderness were looming. Suddenly, in a white coat, his bloody body suddenly trembled. This was Xueji’s first rebirth. She looked in horror at her undecided loved ones, leaving tears in despair. Since then, she has been left alone for thousands of years. The memory of the past is engraved into the dream, engraved in the mind of Xue Ji, even if he has lived alone, he cannot forget it.

The skeptical Li Zhe searched for clues in the study, and accidentally found a photo of Xue Ji looking away from the beach in the album. She couldn’t help falling into the conversation that day. The ability to withstand it is extremely achievable. Li Zhe came to Tao Defang and wanted to ask the truth. Tao De kept his promise and said nothing. Although Li Zhe had doubts about Xue Ji’s identity, he never questioned Xue Ji’s identity. Li Zhe repeatedly told Tao De that he must be alert to the Li family at all times to prevent Xue Ji from being killed again.

After Li Zhe left, Tao De lost his thoughts, remembering what Li Shizong said when he was gone, Tao De was not a decision on heritage, but for Li Shizong, Xue Ji was his life. The irreparable weakness in China is the person Li Shizong devotes all he has to make up for. Todd must do nothing but obey and guard. Xueji finishes her legacy and flew back to China. In the coffee shop, Xue Ji went on Weibo, looking for a girl born on the same day and the same month as her. Seeing that girl was full of news about finding a house, Xue Ji smiled and followed this name called Jiang Huai Weibo.

Jiang Huai, who is receiving news in the rental house, is an ordinary female college student. At this time, she is distressed that the lease has expired and she has nowhere to stay. Jiang Huai simply dressed up, walked out of the house, a car parked outside the house, and a sunny young man was waiting for her. His name was Gu Shiyi, and Jiang Huai was a friend for many years. Gu Shiyi watched Jiang Huai’s stagnant expression of the house and drove out the used car he just bought. Gu Shiyi introduced her to help Jiang Huai After working in a coffee shop, Jiang Huai was finally relieved. The atmosphere that was re-harmonious was once again broken by an accident.
Gu Shiyi’s car accidentally scratched a red Ferrari, and the owner of this Ferrari was the Snow Girl in the cafe.

Xue Ji and Gu Shiyi met in this environment for the first time. Xue Ji recognized Gu Shiyi at first glance, it was the person in his dream. Seeing that the car was scratched, Xueji was not angry and angry, but the attitude of hanging off her appetite caused the anxiety of Jiang Huai, and also aroused Gu Shiyi’s dissatisfaction. Xueji didn’t want to claim and left The two telephoned each other and talked to each other.

In the empty room, a woman lay pale on the bed and listened to a diagnosis of advanced cancer. She was Mrs. Min and had few days. For the choice given by the doctor, Mrs. Min chose to walk without pain for the remaining six months. The secretary came and conveyed the news of someone’s return to Mrs. Min. Mrs. Min stood up and looked out the window, looking forward to her arrival. Jiang Huai came to the coffee shop introduced by Gu Shiyi and was taken by the boss. Jiang Huai secretly decided that he must work hard to make money and find his own home. While working, Xue Ji called and asked to discuss compensation. Helpless Jiang Huai had no choice but to meet with Xue Ji at the cafe where she worked. I originally thought that I was about to face 200,000 debts, but I didn’t expect to get an invitation from Xue Jihe’s house.

Jiang Huai finally recognized that she was the Snow Girl who followed her Weibo. However, the fate of the two began as early as the day when Jiang Huai was lost. Jiang Huai agreed to Xue Ji’s request. Two seemingly unrelated girls began living together under wonderful fate.

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