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Long For You (2017) 我與你的光年距離 Episode 2 Recap

Facing the mild sunshine, Qin Si leaned on the window, shaking the wine glass in his hand, waiting for the good news from the killer. Looking at the picture of Qin Sizhong’s shot on the phone on the phone, he took a sip of the red wine in the glass and leaked a satisfied smile. Li Zhe, who just signed a contract with the client, took the cake and went to Xue Ji’s villa again. It was found that Xue Ji was not at home. Li Zhe called Tao De’s phone and asked where he was, and found that Tao De knew nothing. Realizing that Xue Ji might be in an accident, he hurriedly opened the door of the villa in search of clues about Xue Ji’s disappearance, but found nothing. Tao De recalls what happened back then, thinking that Xue Ji had a traffic accident like her mother.

However, when she knew that the death of Xue Ji’s mother was in 1995, the five-year-old Li Zhe, who met Xue Ji’s mother, In 1997, the time error caused Li Zhe to suddenly have doubts about Xue Ji’s true identity.
At this point, Xue Ji, who was abandoned in the wilderness, suddenly opened her eyes and sat up again. How did Xue Ji, who had lived for more than a thousand years, easily end her life with a bullet. Xueji got up and made a phone call to Tao De. Tao De rushed to see Xue Ji full of Xue Ji coming to her, can’t help but be shocked. She wanted to get medical treatment, but was rejected by Xue Ji, and drove home. . Xueji returned home and recovered, leaving her body unharmed. Tao De couldn’t help but be surprised, but already knowing his identity, he continued to conceal his identity for Xue Ji and, as always, served this young lady who was resurrected.

Anxious Li Zhe came to Xue Ji’s house. Xue Ji came out of the bathroom innocently and lied that she had been robbed in the wild. Such a dangerous thing, Xue Ji said so lightly, Li Zhe was surprised, very Confession didn’t go out together. Looking at Li Zhe who cares for herself so much, Xue Ji’s heart rose with a touch of warmth, and she had been lonely for many years without any personnel. She turned out to be cared for by her loved ones.
Li Zhe was embarrassed by Xue Ji’s sudden gratitude, ran to the bathroom under the pretext, but accidentally found the clothes left by Xue Ji’s gunshot. Li Zhe was terrified, and the original suspicion came to mind again. This strange girl identity is really just a simple illegitimate daughter?
Mrs. Qin Si is discussing the property surrender after Xue Ji’s death with a lawyer. Tao De smashed all her plans on a phone call—Xue Ji was going to discuss her property with her at home. The pictures of Ji’s death fell into a deep panic.

Xueji came to the castle to have lunch with Qin Si. She talked and smiled as if nothing had happened. She talked with Qin Si with a smile. Looking at Qin Si’s helpless expression, Xue Ji smiled calmly, not painful. Itchy mentions a few things that happened that day, making Qin Si even more elusive. After half eating, Xue Ji suddenly met Qin Si for a walk together, and the two came to the unmanned tree.

The witty Xue Ji had already guessed everything, pressing Qin Si step by step to tell the truth, Qin Si was scared to the edge of collapse by Xue Ji, and finally told the story. Faced with Qin Si’s pale defense, Xue Ji took out a pistol and approached Qin Si in front of him. She wanted to gamble with Qin Si with a bullet and was frightened to ask for mercy. Watching Qin Si curled up like a mouse to save his life, Xue Ji’s mouth lightly lifted out the bullet in the gun and let Qin Si die.

Li Zhe hiding behind the tree saw everything. Xue Ji also already found Li Zhe, and the two of them looked at each other. Li Zhe finally couldn’t hold back and questioned Xue Ji’s true identity.

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