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Long For You (2017) 我與你的光年距離 Episode 1 Recap

Mysterious daughter is raised on an isolated island. Li Shizong, a wealthy merchant living in France, passed away. He has several children. The one that most misses him is his daughter Xue Ji, who has lived in a remote island since birth. This daughter is not her real daughter. She is a woman with special People of origin.

After Li Shizong’s death, Qin Si, his fourth wife, intended to have Li Zhe, the adopted son of the Li family, fight for the property, but Li Zhe did not take it seriously. The butler Tao De was commissioned by Li Shizong to go to the remote island to bring Xueji back to inherit the inheritance. Qin Si suggested to Tao De to take Xueji to do a paternity test. Tao De refused and hinted that she should not go too far. Qin Si hated to leave. She complained to her husband about Xue Ji’s separation and thought of a vicious plan to kill Xue Ji. The two behaved intimately, and she was worried about being seen, remembering what Tao De said just to let her pay attention to the people around her, and speculated that Tao De had discovered their relationship.

Xueji strolls the streets of France, and Todd tells her that she will get a $ 2.1 billion heritage. Xuejiben does n’t have much concept of property, but she is surprised by this number. She is happy to decide to buy a car. Finally, she buys it. The same car drove by the favorite TV show heroine. Tao De plans for Xue Ji’s future life. Xue Ji is casually playing mobile games while she is unwilling to do those things. She gives them all to Tao De. Tao De asked why she wasn’t sorry for her father’s death. Xue Ji calmly said that her father was at the end of his life, and he could leave the island after he left. She refused to attend any event and decided to return to her home country after handling the estate.

Xi Xueji met with other people in the family, the third wife Wen Lei, the fourth wife Qin Si, the first wife’s daughter Lisa, the second wife’s daughter Shirley and son Ke Zheng, and the third wife’s adopted son Li Zhe. At dinner, due to the slightly embarrassing atmosphere on the entanglement table of the family property, Ke Yan proposed that Xue Ji leave the property to the family to take care of. Xue Ji knew that they refused to resolutely reject it. Lisa asked directly if Xue Ji was his father’s biological daughter, and Xue Ji easily answered without knowing. When the two were in private, Xueji asked Li Shizong if her life was happy, and Qin Si proudly told her that she was young and beautiful, and that her father was very happy to have such a wife. Li Zhe originally wanted to send Xue Ji, Xue Ji refused on the grounds of Tao De’s acceptance. Tao De asked her why she refused Li Zhe. She didn’t say it explicitly.

Li Zhe asked Tao De about Xue Ji’s daily whereabouts. She also called Xue Ji to call her out, and Xue Ji refused. Unexpectedly, Li Zhe came to the door and delivered the cake. The two talked about their childhood. Li Zhe said that she had seen her mother’s back on an isolated island when she was young. It was a lonely back. She felt like her mother. Li Zhe laughed at her clothes taste and makeup, Xueji said unconvincingly that she had not dressed up just after coming out of the island.

Li Zhe took Xue Ji to the beach. Xue Ji said that she always wanted her dreams to come true, so that she could meet her dreamer. Li Zhe thought she was talking silly. Xue Ji borrowed Li Zhe’s car to learn to drive and was shot dead on a mountain road.

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