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Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Episode 1 Recap

Bai Qian incarnate male voice, Kunlun virtually worshipped Mo Yuan. One hundred thousand years ago, the father and god returned to chaos, and the ancient gods should also be robbed and passed away. Nowadays, only dragons, phoenixes, and nine-tailed white foxes of the Tian tribe are left. The protoss is especially distinguished. Bai Qian is the descendant of the nine-tailed white fox and the maid of the fox emperor Baizhi. Because of being naughty since childhood, no less of a disaster, in order to find someone to control this naughty young girl, he made this world’s first fire phoenix—Zhen Yan turned her into a man and sent it to Kunlun Xu The brother of Mo Yan who worships Zhan Yan is a teacher. Mo Yuan is the father-in-law’s sister-in-law. Because of his bravery and fierce warfare and boundless mana, he is also called God of War in the immortal world.

On this day, Kunlun had a treasure, and all the disciples were chasing after it. Finally, it was God’s shot on Mo Yuan that surrendered the treasure. It turned out to be a fan. After the disciples met Mo Yuan, congratulations to Master. The treasure. Kunlun Xu has n’t had any treasures since the Eastern Emperor Bell. Now that this treasure fan has been born, Mo Yuan foresees that he will soon be receiving a new apprentice again.

Fenyan came to Kunlun Xu with Bai Qian, Bai Qian curiously explored here, Fen Yan transformed Bai Qian into a male body, Bai Qian doubted, Fen Yan explained, this Kunlun Xu never accepts female disciples, if you If you want to learn from a teacher, you must show your male body, and change your face to Bai Qian, and change it to Siyin. From now on, she will no longer be the maid of the fox emperor, but a wild fox picked up by her. He went to Kunlun to worship the teacher. Si Yin was worried that he would be spotted. The other person who saw Kunlun Xu could not see it, but if God could see through her daughter on Moyuan, she would be lucky.

Si Yin and Zhe Yan came to the hall. I did not expect that someone was waiting in front of the hall to worship. Suddenly a treasure fan came in the sky. This object flew directly to Si Yin and stopped. Si Yin took the treasure in doubt. fan. Mo Yuan and the disciples came to the hall and saw that Bao Fan chose Si Yin as the master. Mo Yuan recognized Si Yin’s daughter at a glance, but he didn’t break it. After seeing Mo Yuan’s respect, Si Yin couldn’t help whispering. He thought that the god of war with three heads and six arms had three heads and six arms, but he didn’t expect to be a small white face who looked more romantic than the face.

Mo Yuan knew that this treasure fan could never fall into the hands of outsiders in Kunlun Xu. It seemed that the female doll in front of her was a destined apprentice. Si Yin stepped forward and returned the treasure fan to Mo Yuan, and followed the disciples into the hall. Early Siyin stepped up to the name of the main hall, Mo Yuan asked for resignation. Since these two people are worshiping at the same time today, who should be the brother, Siyin sends the voice to Fenyan. Do n’t do it yourself Brother Shi, after telling Zheyan, he told Mo Yuan deliberately, let’s just let this little fox in my family be a brother.

Si Yin resolutely disagrees when she hears it. She complains dissatisfied that she is the youngest at home. Now it is hard to come out to worship and still be a teacher and brother. If this is the case, she might as well not worship. Si Yin was about to leave in a negative mood. Mo Yuan said that if you want to be a teacher, it ’s good to give this treasure fan to you. Si Yin received the treasure fan, so he stopped. Mo Yuan named the treasure fan. For the Yuqing Kunlun fan. So Zi Lan became the 16th disciple under Mo Yuan, and the 17th voice of the Si Yin, because the Si Yin ranked the smallest, and later all the brothers used to call her a small seventeen.

At this moment, Tianjun was summoning the homes of all the immortals, and His Highness returned to Tianjun to return to Moyuan to accept his apprentices. Tianjun learned that Moyuan would hand over the treasure fan that deterred the world to a fox, and could not help but be angry.
In a flash, Bai Qian changed his name to Siyin, and has been studying under Master Mo Yuan for 20,000 years. Siyin is naughty by nature. Today, Brother Zilian came to the streets to find a fortune teller, and happened to encounter a woman in white clothes who was hooligan. During the juggling, the two men joked that this must be another hero to save the beauty. Unsurprisingly, the hero really took the lead. In order not to be discovered by the master, Si Yin and Zi Lang quickly returned to Kunlun Xu.

Unexpectedly, this woman was not a stranger. It was Yaoguang Shangshen who had resisted the enemy with Mo Yuan. Yaoguang always followed Siyin to return to Kunlun Xu, but the god’s look at Siyin had only disgust and disdain. Mo Yuan still found out that Si Yin and Zi Lang secretly went to earth to give people fortune telling. The elder brother interceded for the two younger brothers. Mo Yuan did not blame the two. He let everyone out and left the Si Yin alone. Mo Yuan brought Si Yin to the back room, and he told Si Yin that he was passing Zeng Yan today, and he took three pots of peach blossom drunk from him. Si Yin had been drinking alcohol since he was a child, especially the peach blossom drunk that Zan Yan was drunk.

Favorite in heart, Si Yin was very happy holding drunk peach. Mo Yuan explained that heaven is her birthday, and that the wine was deliberately taken back to celebrate her birthday, and instructed Si Yin not to be greedy.
Si Yin walked happily holding the wine. He didn’t want to be fainted and knew nothing. He held the peach blossom drunk and broke his ground. After she woke up, she found that a woman in white clothes was sitting in front of her. Si Yin knew that this person was Yao Guangshangshen. She had already heard from her brothers that she loved them. My master has been unloved for many years. For Mo Yuan, Yao Guang even moved his fairy house to Kunlun Xu. Si Yin wondered whether this woman would not be able to get the master and wanted to have her own surgery. So as to have a relationship with Master again.

Yao Guang settled on Si Yin, and proudly said that if Si Yin was willing to be his maid of Xianfu, she would let her go. Si Yin reluctantly said that a woman used all means to chase a man who did not love herself. It’s too shameful that one of her masters has a finger ten times better than her. Why would she worship her as a teacher, and Yao Guang, enraged by Si Yin, ordered the goddess to put the Si Yin into the water jail and let her suffer.

Brother Nine accidentally found the broken jug on the ground, and quickly went to find the master. He said that the peach blossom drunk was Si Yin ’s favorite. She could n’t be broken. Someone had to take away the Si Yin. People searched for the jug and found no trace of Si Yin. Everyone guessed that if they could come and go in Kunlun’s imagination freely, they would not be found. I am afraid that only Yaoguang could go to God. The master came to Mo Yuan to report the matter of Si Yin, Mo Yuan and his disciples rushed to Yaoguang Xianfu.

In front of the water prison, Mo Yuan and Yao Guang met each other. Mo Yuan angered that he must take away Si Yin today. Yao Guang lost to Mo Yuan and entered the water prison. Mo Yuan broke through the water prison with force and removed the Si Yin from the water. Rescue, Si Yin fainted weakly in Mo Yuan’s arms. Mo Yuan took the sound of the voice out of the water prison, and said it was a matter of today. After three days with Yaoguang God, he battled the top of Cangwu. She was shocked. She did not expect that Mo Yuan would fight against herself for a little apprentice. She cried and said that everything she had done was to prevent Mo Yuan from being criticized for her disciple Si Yin, and Mo Yuan did not take it for granted that she was afraid of speaking.

Mo Yuan returned to Kunlun Xu with the sound of the voice. The sound of the voice of the voice was always called to Master in a coma. Mo Yuan held the voice of the voice and gently patted her, comforting Master here and Master here. Tianjun ’s main hall came down to Moyuan and was ordered by Tianjun to reconcile the battle between Yaoguang and Moyuan. Moyuan firmly stated that this decisive battle is not a must, but this is only his personal relationship with Yaoguang. One day, the Tian and Wing clan will start a war. Whether it is Kunlunxu or Yaoguang House, they will fight against the enemy together. This is righteousness.

Three days later, Mo Yuan and Yao Guang fought at the top of Cangwu. Mo Yuan won. He only asked Yao Guang to move away from Kunlun. Yao Guang asked Mo Yuan that he really didn’t care about their feelings about the same robes during the war between gods and demons. ? Mo Yuan bluntly stated that the feeling of the day was not deep, so how could Gu Nianzhi say?
Si Yin woke up to learn that Master had to go to the top of Cangwu to stop Master for himself. The master stopped Si Yin to discourage her. She had the ability of Tengyun to wait for her to reach the top of Cangwu Master returned to Kunlun Xu. At this time, the tenth brother came in and told Si Yin that a woman from Qingqiu had come to see her.

Si Yin walked to the hall and found that it was not someone else, but his elder brother’s wife and sister. Xuan Nu didn’t know that the voice was Bai Qian. She looked at the voice of the man dressed up, and she was not only surprised. Xuan Nu thought that her appearance was quite similar to Bai Qian. I did not expect that there would be men and Bai Qian’s mill looks so resembling, Si Yin was surprised when he saw Xuan Nu, and he didn’t know what it would be if Xuan Nu suddenly came to find himself. Xuan Nu told Si Yin that the daughter of Bai Qian ’s second brother Bai Yishang was about to come, and everyone in Qingqiu rushed to celebrate the birth of Xiaodi Ji. Xuan Nu brought the fourth son of Bai Qian to Baizhen. After writing the letter, Si Yin learned that the father of the black girl had to marry the black girl to the black bear spirit, but the black girl refused to hide in the Bai Qiang Dao, but Qingqiu was not a good hiding place. Just send her to Siyin here, hoping to let Xuan Nu hide in Kunlun Xu for a while.

Although Si Yin was in trouble, she couldn’t bear to ignore it. She went to seek the advice of Master. Mo Yuan promised to let Xuan Nu be here and live for a while. Si Yin was about to leave. Mo Yuan told Si Yin to What happened to the 30,000 times that she was punished for copying the false true scriptures, Si Yin pleaded with Mo Yuan for help to reduce it a bit, Mo Yuan could not say anything, and Si Yin had to obediently take the penalty.
Si Yin arranged Xuan Nu opposite to her residence. Xuan Nu called Si Yin and carefully asked her. When she lived in Shili Taolin before, someone said that she was as ordinary as Shallow. Si Yin Awkwardly wondering how to answer, the excuse quickly left. Si Yin came to the pool to bid farewell to a little golden lotus. She said that she would copy the scriptures from today. She was afraid that she would not be able to take care of it for a long time.

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