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Be With You (2017) 不得不爱

Be With You 不得不爱 (2017)
Also known as: 不得不爱 , Bu De Bu Ai , Every Step Is Wrong , Can’t Help But Love You

Genres: Melodrama, romance, office
China Mainland
Tsang Lai Chun
Tsang Lai Chun, Zhang Lu (张璐)
Release Date:
Jan. 02, 2017
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Novel Bu Bu Cuo (步步错) by Lan Bai Se (蓝白色)


  • Wilber Pan as Hu Qian Yu
  • Xu Lu as Lin Wei Ling
  • Denny Huang as Yao Jun Mo
  • Mao Xiao Tong as Yao Yao
  • Zhang Jun Ning as Li Mu Chen
  • Tanny Tien as Hu Xin
  • Derek Chang as Wang Shu Wei

Lin Wei Ling was a rich but lonely little girl who longed for her father’s care. She found him dead one day. Her father’s close friend Hu Xin and her son Hu Qian Yu then nurtured Wei Ling until she recovered. Just as she started to be happy again, she was sent abroad because of her secret romantic relationship with Qian Yu. Years later, coming back to find out many hidden truths, she prepares her revenge plans.

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