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Princess of Lanling King 兰陵王妃 Episode 47 End Recap

After returning the lock to Yuwen Yong, Gao Changgong made a new strategic deployment. Zhuge Wuxue is approaching with a large army, this battle is inevitable. Gao Changgong arranged for the evacuation of his soldiers in batches, and he brought a few soldiers against Zhuge Wuxue. He wanted to use his life to win the time for his soldiers to retreat. Gao Changgong, who holds the Li Sijian, easily took Zhuge Wuxue’s life. After Zhuge Wuxue died, Gao Changgong destroyed the Li Sijian.

Qingsuo was taken back to Chang’an City by Yu Wenyong. With Xiang Wuchen’s life-saving pills, her body gradually improved. After two months of convalescence, the injury to the lock was no longer a problem. In order to gain the joy of clearing the lock, Yu Wenyong prepared to give her a jade red BMW to cater to her preferences. She has been familiar with horses since she was a child. Yuhong is a kind of horse breed from the northern valley of Qi. She wonders how Yu Wenyong knows this kind of horse. Yu Wenyong talked about doing protons in Qi State when he was a child. At that time, he was often beaten because of his special status. At one time, he wanted to steal a horse and ride back to Dazhou. After learning about his experience, the little girl not only did not scold him, but gave him a jade red. It was the horse that brought him back to Changan. In fact, clearing the lock is the little girl who fed the horse back then, and the fate between her and Yu Wenyong was already doomed.

Gao Changgong was imprisoned for rebellion. Under the protection of his ministers, he was able to live to this day, but his heart was dead. Luo Yun went to the prison to visit Gao Changgong and persuaded him to hand over the blue luan mirror to save his life. Gao Changgong did not answer, but asked Luo Yun to help him comb the bun. Gong Ren was ordered by King Qi to send poisonous wine to Gao Changgong, who obeyed the poisoned wine and died. Zi Mei was expelled from the palace and missed her son crazy all day. Luo Yun helped Gao Chang to consecrate the tomb and suicide in front of the tomb in a red wedding dress.

香 无尘 told Yu Wenyong that Gao Changgong committed suicide. Yuwenyong worried that the lock could not accept the news and chose to hide it. Luo Yun’s maid Feng’er sent the letter left by Luo Yun to the lock and returned the ring to her. It was only after reading the letter that she knew that Gao Changgong was dead. She knew that Gao Changgong was only captured because of herself. While Yu Wenyong was sleeping soundly, she said goodbye to Gao Chang’s guilt-free lock. Before leaving, she put the Qingluan Mirror on Yu Wenyong’s pillow.

Clear the lock and retrieve the crazy purple charm, and do the filial piety for Gao Chang. Four years after Gao Changgong’s death, Yu Wenyong led an army raid, extinguished Bei Qi, and unified Zhou Qi. At the same time, Yu Wenyong has been sending people to find the news of the lock, but he has never found anything. According to Zhou Shu, after Yu Wenyong wiped out the state of Qi, he led a large army to fight against the Turks and died on the way. However, it was also said that Yu Wenyong met a young woman with a handsome appearance on her way out, and took a mad woman with a mad woman.

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