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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 18 End Recap

The King of Ghost accused Gui Li of betraying the Demon Cult in the end. He knew clearly that Gui Li would work hard to prevent the beast god from resurrecting. Guili said that when the ghost king promised to help him resurrect Baguio, he was also lying to himself because he only wanted to resurrect the beast god. The ghost king argued that he resurrected the beast god to resurrect Baguio, because once the beast god is resurrected, it will release huge energy and Baguio will also be reborn.

Gui Li is the key point in his language. He pointed out that the current behavior of the ghost king is exactly what Baguio didn’t want to see during his lifetime. Finally, Guili and the King of Ghosts still fought, and Guili was seriously injured, and Xiaobai rushed to help Guili, but was locked in the barrier by the King of Ghosts.

Li Xun tried his best to fight against Shangguance. With a trace of consciousness left, Shangguance told Li Xun that he had already attacked his heart and wanted Li Xun to kill himself to stop the ghost king. Li Xun was unwilling to do it. The demonized Shangguance wanted to attack Li Xun. When Li Xun resisted, he accidentally ended the life of Shangguance. Li Xun was very sad, but Shangguance smiled and said to Li Xun. Thank you, then, the feathering disappeared.

Because Qin Wuyan gained the magic power from the beast god, and the book struggled to resist, Li Xun rushed to help, and the two of them dealt with Qin Wuyan together. These cousins, who were once uncomfortable with each other, worked together and reported for their grandfather. hatred. Li Xun was about to return to Fenxiang Valley with Yan Hong, who was seriously injured, and he was careful about the book he was going to help Xueqi.

Xueqi confronted You Ji. She could have put You Ji to death, but she chose to stop. She told You Ji that Baguio had saved her life in Xiaochi Town. Baguio is a very kind person, so she I definitely don’t want to see things like the resurrected beast gods hurting the innocent. You Ji was touched and left.

Lin Jingyu dealt with Jin Ping’er and Qinglong with one enemy and two. At the critical moment, Jin Ping’er turned and helped Lin Jingyu. Qinglong was injured and escaped. Jin Ping’er was seriously injured and fell into Lin Jingyu’s arms. She closed with a smile. Eyes, Ding Ling arrived in time, fed Jin Ping’er a heart-protection pill, and took Jin Ping’er back with the order of Mrs. San Miao, seeking a chance for life.

At the altar of Mingling Peak, Xiao Bai saw the fear in the ghost king’s heart. She bluntly said that Xiao Chi’s death and Baguio’s death were actually caused by the ghost king. At this time, the seriously injured Gui Li stepped forward with difficulty. When the ghost king walked, when he was almost unable to hold it, he felt Baguio standing in front of him, holding his hand, and telling him that he would walk with him. Gui Li was full of strength again. Walk towards the altar of Mingling Peak.

The Beast God was aware of Gui Li’s arrival, and he knew that Gui Li had repeatedly prevented him from resurrecting and asked the Ghost King to kill him. The King of Ghosts and Gui Li faced each other again. At this time, Xueqi Shushu and Lin Jingyu came to help Gui Li. The ghost king resisted with the energy of Xuanhuojian and the blood-devouring orb in Guili’s hand.

The ghost king saw the mana of the sad flower and saw Baguio’s phantom and said to himself, Dad, you stop. Xiaobai got the Xuanhuo Mirror and gave it to Gui Li, so that he could enter the blood formation quickly. Gui Li took the Xuanhuo Jian into the blood formation, saw Mr. Gui casting a spell on Xiao Yicai, and tried his best to stop them. Both Mr. Gui and Xiao Yicai were taken out of the blood formation by Gui Li. Xiaobai was on the sidelines and asked Guili to collect the aura of heaven and earth.

The ghost king took Mr. Gui to leave, Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi took Xiao Yicai to leave, suddenly seeing black light after another in the distance, they wondered where Gui Li was now.

At this time, Guili, in the ancient cave of Zhenmo, released the aura of heaven and earth he just collected, plus the power of the sad flower, hoping to resurrect Baguio. But Baguio did not wake up, Gui Li closed his eyes in despair, but at this moment, a tear dripped from Baguio’s eyes and fell on the flower of sadness, Xiao Fan opened his eyes in surprise….. .

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