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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 17 Recap

Tian Buyi rushed to Fenxiang Valley and met with Yun Yilan, Lu Xueqi and others. Lu Xueqi and Lin Jingyu told Tian Buyi about Xiao Yicai’s changes. Tian Buyi believed that Xiao Yicai had been entrusted by his teacher before and had been in the ghost kingzong for decades, maybe At that time, he was poisoned by the ghost king. Lu Xueqi said that the ghost king had already seized the gluttonous food, gathered the four spirits, and occupied the Mingling Peak.

In a dozen hours, he might be able to resurrect the beast god. Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi asked for their orders, expressing that they are willing to enter the one hundred thousand mountains to stop the Four Spirits blood formation.

Tian Buyi was a little worried because he was worried that Xueqi and others would not have enough manpower. At this moment, Master Pukong, Zeng Shushu, Stone Song Daren and others from Tianyin Pavilion arrived. Tian Buyi made a decisive decision, saying that he and Yungu Master and Pukong Master would strengthen the enchantment, and Xueqi Jingyu led the group. Go to one hundred thousand mountains to stop the Four Spirits Blood Array of the Ghost King.

Tian Buyi sent Lu Xueqilin Jingyu to the Great Mountain of Shiwan. When he talked with the beast god, he said that he and the beast god would never be at odds with each other.

Lu Xueqi, Lin Jingyu and his party were attacked by Xiao Yicai. Song Daren was injured and persisted. As the group walked forward, they ran into a fish monster again. When fighting hard to resist, Guili and the wild dog also arrived.

Seeing Song Daren’s serious injury, Guili stopped to help Song Daren heal. Guili knew that it would be difficult to stop the ghost king with his own power, so he told Lu Xueqi and the others that he needed their help and asked them to think about it. After speaking, Guili turned and left, waiting for everyone’s reply at the door. The wild dog did not believe that these Qingyun disciples would help Guili, but Guili confidently expressed that he believed them.

Li Xun still had some doubts about Guili, but Zeng Shushu, Lin Jingyu, and A Xiang expressed that they believed in Guili, and cooperation with Guili was the only feasible way at present, and Li Xun agreed. They walked out, Song Daren nodded to Guili, and everyone decided to rush to the Mingling Peak together to stop the ghost king’s four spirit blood formation.

In the evening, Lu Xueqi, Lin Jingyu, Zeng Shushu, Guili Song Daren, Li Xun and others sat together. Zeng Shushu took out the cakes from Shanhaiyuan and handed them to Guili. Guili recognized the source of the cakes at a glance. He asked Shushuxiao What happened to the ring? Everyone chatted about the past, and a rare smile appeared on Guili’s face. Zeng Shushu said with emotion that Guili’s name is also very good, because no matter what name he changes, his brothers are still brothers.

Lu Xueqi noticed the crack in the blood-devouring bead of Ghost Li, and Gui Li said that the blood-devouring bead was damaged by Xiao Yicai’s power of the beast god. As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Yi, who had turned into an orc, walked out. Guili asked Xueqi and the others to deal with the fish monsters and deal with Xiao Yicai by himself.

In the process of fighting against Xiao Yicai, Guili was almost controlled by the heart demon, but Baguio and Lin Jingyu, these people who walked side by side with him gave him strength. He defeated the heart demon, and the Blood Devouring Orb was also sucked by sucking. The blood of Xiao Yicai was restored. The ghost king appeared, with Xiao Yicai in a coma, and he wanted to use Xiao Yicai as the body of the resurrected beast god.

Gui Li and his party rushed to the altar of Mingling Peak. Every few steps on the altar, they were their enemies. The wild dog and Xiaobai left behind to deal with the many subordinates of the Ghost King Zong. Li Xun chose to deal with the demonized Shangguan Policy. He told the book to save Yan Hong. Xueqi apologized to Guili for her regrets decades ago. When Zhu Xianjian fell, she didn’t help him, but Guili didn’t care about these things anymore.

He said that it was Daoxuan’s fault and he would Find Daoxuan afterwards. Zeng Shushu confronted the already demonized Qin Wuyan. Lu Xueqi chose to deal with You Ji. Lin Jingyu looked at Jin Ping’er and Qinglong coming towards him, and drew out his sword, saying that he could only walk here with Guili. Gui Li flew towards the altar of Ming Ling Peak, and walked towards Gui Li step by step.

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