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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 13 Recap

Jin Ping’er and Qin Wuyan performed a bitter trick in front of Fenxiang Valley. Jin Ping’er abandoned Qin Wuyan and fled. Qin Wuyan said that the ghost king wanted to regain the heavenly book, and sent Jin Ping’er and himself to Fenxiang Valley to explore the way, but the ghost king didn’t believe in himself and wanted to get rid of himself. . Qin Wuyan falsely surrendered and promised that he could truthfully recruit everything he knew. Yun Yilan and Shangguan Ce mistakenly imprisoned Qin Wuyan in the prison of Fenxianggu.

In the Qingyunmen, Tian Buyi and Lu Xueqi, Lin Jingyu and other disciples are discussing matters. They believe that in the battle between the demon and the devil decades ago, Qingyun and Tianyin were both badly damaged. Among the decent sects, only Fenxianggu preserved their strength, and the demon sect now only has the ghost king. In the first school, Tian Buyi speculated that the Ghost King would definitely act on Fenxiang Valley, but after all it was Fenxiang Valley’s matter, and it was not easy to interfere more, so he had to send a book to remind them to be vigilant.

Shangguance is very ambitious. He believes that there is huge mana in the heavenly books. He wants to cultivate the heavenly books and improve his cultivation. The head Yun Yilan has always been cautious and reminded Shangguance not to practice the heavenly books blindly, because the heavenly books are very likely to contain sorceries. Inadvertently, he will get mad, so Shangguan Ce and Yun Yilan sealed the heavenly book under the Altar of Profound Fire. The Profound Fire Altar is the important place of Fenxiang Valley, and the nine-tailed demon fox is suppressed underneath.

The nine-tailed demon fox knows the thoughts of Shangguan Ce, so he provokes it. Shangguan Ce was initially dissatisfied with Yun Yilan’s act of sealing the scriptures alone. After being instigated by the nine-tailed demon fox, he even thought that the senior brother would not allow him to practice for the number of days because he was afraid that his cultivation level would exceed him, so he moved other thoughts.

Yan Hong had a great affection for Qin Wuyan. With Qin Wuyan’s skillful tongue, he won Yan Hong’s sympathy, and Yan Hong pleaded with the higher officials. In addition, Shangguance himself has selfish motives, so I went to see Qin Wuyan without telling Yun Yilan. Qin Wuyan said that practicing the Heavenly Book can indeed greatly increase the level of cultivation.

Guili is a good example. As for turning back into demons, it is even more nonsense. Talk. Shangguan instigated the idea of ​​cultivating the Book of Heaven and decided to leave Qin Wuyan first, but the suspicious Shangguan Ce still abolished Qin Wuyan’s cultivation base for the sake of caution.

Qinglong was very distressed when he learned that Qin Wuyan’s whole body cultivation base had been abolished, and was worried about Qin Wuyan’s safety, but the ghost king looked indifferent. After Qinglong’s questioning, he promised that he would compensate Qin Wuyan when things were done.

Qingyunmen disciples went to Huqi Mountain to inquire about the news and learned that Guili had left the Ghost King Sect. Zeng Shushu’s father thought that he took this opportunity to bring Guili back to Qingyun. After all, in the swamp of death, he saved Xueqi and others several times, which showed that he still missed the friendship between the teachers.

But Shuiyue has a different view. Shuiyue said that she knew that with Xueqi’s temperament, she must have persuaded Guili when she met Guili in Death Swamp, but Guili was not convinced by Xueqi, so he went The intention has been decided. Tian Buyi also said that his apprentice understands for himself that once he decides something, no one can change it, but he can only figure it out.

Xiao Yicai was tortured by the blood of the beast god in his body, and the pain was unbearable. He tried his best to suppress it and ran into the woods of the back mountain. It coincided that Shang Zhengliang passed by. Seeing Xiao Yicai’s painful look, he approached and asked, Xiao Yicai Unable to suppress the blood of the beast god in his body, he shot Shang Zhengliang’s life.

Shang Zhengliang died tragically. Tian Buyi and the others inspected Shang Zhengliang’s injury and thought that the injury was strange, and it was probably injured by the blood-devouring bead. Qingyun worried that the Ghost King Zong would be hit hard by Fenxiang Valley, so he sent Lin Jingyu to Fenxiang Valley to help him.

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