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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 50 End Recap

Wanyan Zeli woke up and knew that Yudie deliberately stunned him, suspected Yudie was deliberately delaying time, waiting for someone to save her, Yudie fought hard, but Wanyan Zeli insisted to force her to get rid of her, even the granary caught fire. Regardless, being laughed at by Yudie, Wanyan Zeli became angry and wanted to kill Yudie to sacrifice the flag. At this time Song Jun came and Wanyan Zeli had to go out to fight, but seeing that the situation was not right, he returned to camp and brought Yudie out. The fighting between the two sides was very fierce.

Piketta was killed by Lu Erbao. Duo Luo fled in a panic. Wanyan Zeli went out to meet Li Ma and was seriously injured by Li Ma. He pretended to be dead and wanted to know who was the one who killed him. Li Ma removed the disguised wound. , Revealing his true colors. When Li Ma saw that Yan Zeli was dead, he put down his guard. Because he was wearing the clothes of a person who had suffered from the disease, Yudie was not allowed to approach, and Guier took care of Yudie. He didn’t want to finish Yan Zeli to take the opportunity to get Guier stunned and knock Yudie.

Taken to the camp as a hostage. Li Ma immediately entered the camp to rescue Yudie, Wanyan Zeli threatened him to kill Yudie as long as he took action, so Li Ma did not dare to act rashly. At this time, Wanyan Zeli confessed his heart to Yudie and asked if Yudie had ever had herself in her heart. Yudie told him that there was not a day that she didn’t want to kill him.

Wanyan Zeli was very sad and did not expect that everything she had would be ruined in Yudie’s hands. Li Ma took advantage of Yan Zeli to lose his guard, and took the opportunity to kill him. Li Ma fell ill with the epidemic. The doctor diagnosed him in the carriage. Yudie stayed in the carriage to take care of him. Duo Luo and his men wanted to assassinate Li Ma during the night, but Zhou Xiang and Ji Er found out and killed him. Back in Beijing, Li Ma and Yudie both contracted the epidemic.

The prince called an imperial doctor to treat them. Li Ma finally woke up after a few days of sleep. The lord curiously asked what happened to the scar on Li Ma’s face. Li Ma told him the retreat technique taught to him by Wu Chang. The lord shouted magical. The emperor gave Li Ma an official title to Li Ma, and also named him a consort, but Li Ma did not intend to be named. He wanted to keep his filial piety for the fifth wife for three years before considering marriage. The emperor was furious, and Yudie begged the emperor to demote Li Ma to a commoner. The emperor agreed and walked away.

Li Ma immediately decided to return to Hangzhou to rebuild the Tianxiang Tower, and Wang Jixian set out with him to be the head of the Tianxiang Tower. A month later, Li Ma and Wang Jixian arrived in Hangzhou. After they went to worship at the tomb of Wusao, Li Ma went to the city and saw that a restaurant had been built on the site of the original Tianxianglou. He hurriedly stepped forward and asked, but he did not expect Yudie from inside. After I came out, I realized that this building was the Tianxiang Building reconstructed by Yudie. The prince, Zhou Xiang and Ji Er all came to congratulate the opening. Yudie and Li Ma have gone through so many catastrophes, and finally their lovers finally get married.

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