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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 49 Recap

Lin Jue and the prince rendezvous, several people negotiated to let Ji Er stay here to pass the news to Li Ma, others told her to pay attention to safety, and then left first. In order to tell Li Ma about the lack of medicine for the epidemic in the Wanyan army, Yudie came to deliver medicine every other day. She came up with the idea of ​​using barley to make cakes and Quezhou yam for soup to replenish Wanyan Zeli. Yudie recognized Li Ma when he fell down deliberately, and took the opportunity to ask Duo Luo to help her find these ingredients. Li Ma heard Yudie’s words, and it didn’t take a moment for Yudie to come up with what Yudie meant—the disease was lack of medicine. Wan Yan Zeli can’t afford it.

He immediately told Zhao Yuanqing about this matter through Ji Er, and Zhao Yuanqing reported it to the emperor. The emperor and Zhao Yuanqing planned to seize this opportunity to defeat the enemy. The prince called the imperial doctor and asked him what medicine he needed to treat the epidemic. The imperial doctor told him the few medicines he needed.

The prince then ordered Zhou Xiang to buy all these medicines, pretending that the epidemic was also popular on the Song people’s side. Wan Yan Zeli couldn’t get the medicinal materials. He was very anxious. Suspicious, he thought it was Duo Luo who had leaked the news when buying the medicinal materials. He deliberately harmed him and forced Duo Luo to get him the medicinal materials.

After paying the bills, he was very unhappy and didn’t want to work hard for Wan Yan Zeli. Guier came back after hearing the news. Knowing that Wanyan Jun was very short of medicinal materials, she told Yudie that the time had come. When Li Malai delivered the medicine, Yudie hid the four words “the time has come” in her words and told Duo Luo He wanted to make the general’s Shiquan Dabutang, let him find a chicken, and then find a knife in his hand. After Li Ma returned, he immediately told Ji’er the news, and Ji’er returned to the capital with the news.

Upon hearing the news, the prince led the army to station at Jinshuiguan, preparing for war. Li Ma told Ji’er that he couldn’t start the war right now, because the Wanyan Army must be heavily guarded now, and that the war had to wait for the best time to start. Wan Yan Zeli is going to have a husband-and-wife relationship with Yudie this evening. During the day, he celebrated with wine. After getting drunk, he went back to the bridal chamber, but unfortunately he was interrupted by someone.

Doro was dissatisfied with him, and he was rude to him. He thought that he had spared Doro’s life on the day of rejoicing. After Yan Zeli returned to the camp and Yudie’s bridal chamber at night, Yudie asked him to drink the tranquilizer soup he had boiled, and then Wan Yan Zeli fell asleep. Wang Jixian intends to help Wusao rebuild Tianxiang Tower in Hangzhou. Before leaving, he could not worry about the people working in the dining room. They asked them what issues they need to pay attention to. Everyone looked at each other and wondered why he was so abnormal.

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