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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 48 Recap

Guier went out and saw that all the paper-cuts she posted outside the camp had been torn off. She told Yudie about the matter, and Yudie decided to make plans again. At this time, Duo Luo came and took the two of them to deliver food to Wanyan Zeli. Yudie saw the crazy Alhatu on the way to deliver the food, so she asked Wan Zeli why he didn’t treat the delirious Alhatu well. Yan Zeli told Yudie Alhattu and his father’s grievances, saying that it was impossible to treat him well.

Yudie went out and saw the soldiers playing with Alhatu. He felt that he was very pitiful. Guier understood what Yudie meant and pretended to fall down to draw the crowd away. Yudie took the opportunity to give Alhatu some food. Zhao Yuanqing had been looking for an opportunity to rescue Yudie. Zhou Xiang told him that there was an opportunity to use. Li Ma wanted to go personally, but was stopped by the prince. Zhao Yuanqing told him that if the opportunity in front of him didn’t work, he would let him save it himself.

But Song Bing wanted to use this opportunity to give Wanyan people a quilt to get into the Wanyan camp. He didn’t want a man to urinate and wander outside the Wanyan camp, which aroused Doro’s suspicion, and Doro arrested him. Killed, Song Bing, who was mixed in it, was afraid of stunning the snake, so he gave up the action plan. Knowing that the action had failed, Li Ma shut himself in his room and thought about the way to rescue Yudie.

The prince came to him and he closed the door and said he would let the prince wait a few more days. After the prince left, Li Ma suddenly saw a short knife next to him, and he had a way to disfigure himself. Ji Er finally couldn’t restrain the worry about Li Ma in his heart, and broke into the door. Li Ma was about to set out to save people at this time, and he told Ji Er not to tell others that he had gone. Lin Jue and Zhou Xiang were worried about Li Ma, so they set off together to investigate the situation near Wanyan Daying.

Lu Erbao and Zhao Yuanqing also arrived here together. The epidemic spread in Wanyan camp, and Wanyan Zeli was diagnosed with the epidemic by the doctor. Yudie wanted to kill Wanyan Zeli while he was asleep, but she suddenly thought that Li Ma wanted to kill Wanyan Zeli to avenge the little monkey. No killer, give Wanyan Zeli medicine. When Gui Er met the doctor who was treating Wan Yan Zeli, she secretly asked the doctor which medicine was most lacking in the camp.

The doctor saw that she was from Song Dynasty and told her. Li Ma, disguised as Zhang Laoqi’s scarfaced son, sent vegetables to Wanyan Camp, and took the opportunity to mix into Wanyan Daying’s kitchen. He left a mark on Yudie and wanted to tell Yudie to rescue her by himself. The fish soup that Yudie sent to Wanyan Zeli was overturned, and Wanyan Zeli asked her to make it again. This time, Guier and Yudie discovered that Li Ma was coming, and they also left a mark to let Li Ma know.

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