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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 47 Recap

Concubine Lu knew that she was a nun and became a nun. Her elder brother Lu Erbao stopped her, but Concubine Lu believed that the ancient Buddha of the Blue Lantern should be her home, so she became a nun at Shuiyue Temple. Lu Erbao was deeply regretful. Ever since Yudie married Wanyan Zeli, and Li Ma kept herself in the house all day long, Ji Er was very worried about him and tried her best to persuade him. The prince also had trouble sleeping and eating at this time.

Wang Jixian persuaded him not to lose hope. The prince finally understood that he had believed in Gong Quanfu before and that Wang Jixian was a loyal and righteous man. At this time, Li Ma was drunk because of his thoughts, and the prince told him that he should not give up on himself at this time, and that he should defeat the Wanyan people to save Yudie. After the prince’s enlightenment, Li Ma finally wanted to drive a lot. Wang Jixian came to take care of Li Ma according to Wusao’s instructions.

Only then did Li Ma know that Wusao was already sick, but he didn’t say that because too many people were worried. Li Ma thanked Wang Jixian for everything he had done for his mother, and finally figured it out and vowed to rescue Yudie. Li Ma regained his vitality and found the prince to seek the way to rescue the jade butterfly. Ji Er learned that Li Ma was excited and very happy.

Recovered, Li Ma began to think about whether the words Yudie and him had any meaning on that day. He found the king to discuss the meaning of “porridge and small dishes” that Yudie said, and the king called Zhou Xiang and others to discuss together. After discussion, everyone unanimously decided to let people enter Wanyan Daying, get in touch with Yudie, and then make another decision.

Many soldiers in the Wanyan camp were infected with the epidemic, and the medicine prescribed by the Song people had been eaten. Wanyan Zeli had to ask his subordinates to find some Han Chinese doctors for treatment. Yudie was always looking for opportunities to listen to the news. She and Guier wanted to know about Wunaxi, and wanted to escape Wanyan Camp through Wunaxi, so they went out to let the guards find Yan Zeli and said it was important. Things to find him.

Wan Yan Zeli was very surprised that Yudie found him in person. Yudie told him that he hadn’t cooked for him for a long time and planned to cook for him every day. Wan Yan Zeli pretended to be very happy, but let his subordinates stare at Yudie to see if she had any plans. .

At this time, his subordinates found the small bag in his hand and reminded him to pay attention, but Wanyan Zeli didn’t care. Yudie wanted to ask Wonaxi for help, but she learned from Doro that Wonaxi had been burned to death, and Yudie planned to find Wanyan Zeli to ask about the situation in person. Wanyan Zeli told Yudie that Wunaxi was unwilling to choose to commit suicide, and the thing that forced her to death was the father who used her as a bargaining chip.

Wanyan Zeli also planned to have a husband and wife relationship with Yudie in advance. Yudie told him that if he did this, he would end up with Wunaxi. Wanyan Zeli had to give up. After Yudie returned to the camp, in order to let Li Ma know his exact location, he cut a lot of happy characters and hung them outside the camp account, while the smallest characters were posted on his camp account. After Yan Zeli knows, let Duo Luo Jiangyu

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