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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 46 Recap

Guier was unwilling to feel wronged by Yudie. She married Wanyan Zeli, and wanted to find a way to leave with Yudie. While walking on the road, Yudie suddenly figured out a way. She told Guier to use the name of the dish as a code word. Tell Li Ma to come and rescue her, so that Yan Zeli won’t be able to hear her. Wusao was overwhelmed and suddenly became ill. Wang Jixian rushed to rescue her. He wanted to ask Wusao for an imperial doctor, but Wusao stopped him and knew that she was out of help. Before she died, she told Wang Jixian of her mind.

He promised to repay him well in the next life, and to give Wang Jixian the opportunity to go to Hangzhou to help him rebuild Tianxiang Tower and realize his wish to let Li Ma and Yudie marry. Wang Jixian cried and agreed to her and watched Wusao leave himself. When he came to Wanyan Daying, Yudie asked Yan Zeli to say a few words to Li Ma and married him. She told Li Ma that it was impossible for the two in this life, but if Li Ma missed her, he would think about it.

Thinking of the meals I cooked for him before. Just when Yudie was brought to the worship hall by Wanyan Zeli, Jier ran to tell Yudie that Wusao had died, and Yudie was very sad. Wunaxi saw through the warmth and coldness of the people, and was drunk in the camp and spilled the wine into the fire to commit suicide. The fire ignited the camp and Wunaxi was buried in the fire.

When Alhatu learned of this, he was overwhelmed and mentally disordered. Wanyan Zeli was burned to death because of his wife Wunaxi, and changed the three-day Daqing to one day. He entered the camp and wanted to perform the ceremony of husband and wife with Yudie. Yudie asked Wanyan Zeli to marry herself after three years of filial piety after his fifth sister-in-law died, but finally Wan Yan Zeli only promised to give her one month. When the time came, Yudie willingly followed him.

After Wusao died, everyone didn’t know that she was dying ill before. They all thought that Wusao died because Yudie married Wanyan Zeli, and was so sad that she died. The emperor dubbed her as Taishu and sent her back to Hangzhou for a grand funeral. Li Ma stayed in the capital to find a chance to rescue Yudie. Lu Erbao asked the emperor to withdraw his title of protector of the country and apologize for his death. The emperor did not agree, but reduced him to the third rank, so that he could make up for it.

Concubine Lu was released back to the palace. She knelt on the ground and asked the prince to kill her personally. The prince was angry that she had done a detrimental thing, but believed that he was also wrong. He told Concubine Lu that Yudie’s last request before marrying Yan Zeli was Asking the emperor to spare her not to die, Concubine Lu didn’t know what it was like.

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