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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 16 Recap

Xiao Yi just stole the Heartbroken Flower. He explained to fellow Lu Xueqi, Lin Jingyu and Li Xun that he wanted to exchange the Dragon Ding from the hands of the ghost king to prevent the ghost king from resurrecting the beast gods. He asked Lu Xueqi and Li Xun to meet the ghost king. , Appointed the ghost king to meet at Mingling Peak, in fact, to support the two. After Lu Xueqi and Li Xun left, the blood of the beast god in Xiao Yi only exerted force again, and Xiao Yi couldn’t control it.

In fact, Xiao Yi had no intention of returning the sad flower to the ghost king. He wanted to Fulong Ding just to eliminate the beast in his body. God’s blood. The crazy Xiao Yi just turned into the appearance of an orc. Lin Jingyu, who had gone to explore the way, returned. Seeing Xiao Yicai’s appearance, he recalled that on the way back from Dinghaizhuang, he was attacked by an orc in the woods. Now he understands the so-called orc. It’s his brother-Xiao Yicai.

Seeing that Lin Jingyu already knew his true face, Xiao Yicai fought with Lin Jingyu. Lin Jingyu saw that Xiao Yi wanted to destroy the Sad Flower, so he designed and snatched the Sad Flower. After all, the power of the Sad Flower was retained. A trace of Baguio’s soul, and the resurrection of Baguio is Zhang Xiaofan’s wish.

Lin Jingyu, who was seriously injured, came to the Zhenmogu Cave with a sad flower, where Baguio was lying quietly on the stone slab. Lin Jingyu recalled the time he spent with Baguio and was full of emotion. It was Zhang Xiaofan’s wish to resurrect Baguio, and it was also his. Because once, Baguio treated him sincerely and regarded him as a good friend.

Under Xiao Bai’s leadership, Gui Li also came to the Shiwan Dashan Mountain, and the wild dog had been faithfully following Gui Li. The purpose of Gui Li’s coming this time is very clear. He wants to prevent the ghost king from resurrecting the beast god and avoid hurting the innocent.

Lu Xueqi and Li Xun met the King of Ghosts and heard from the King of Ghosts that undercover agents can serve as a teacher, but it is not clear why. After returning, I saw Xiao Yicai who had restored his original appearance, but he didn’t notice the abnormality.

On the Mingling Peak, Mr. Gui and others are arranging the four-spirit blood formation, and no one can stop the ghost king from resurrecting the heart of the beast god. He clearly knew that Guili was with Baguio in Zhenmogu Cave, and he also knew that Guili would definitely prevent him from resurrecting the beast god.

Xiao Yicai met with the ghost king. Xiao Yicai looked like he was holding the winning ticket and asked the ghost king to take out the Fulong Ding. After all, he was still young and experienced. He did not expect that the scheming ghost king would have a back hand. In fact, the ghost king had already selected Xiao Yicai as the beast. The body of God’s resurrection, Xiao Yi was in pain when he learned about it.

After being stimulated, Xiao Yi turned into an orc again, and fought with the ghost king. Xueqi and Li Xun in the dark saw this scene and thought that Xiao Yi was in danger, so they helped, but they didn’t expect to be injured by Xiao Yi. At the moment of crisis, Lu Xueqi used her spiritual power to control the sword in her hand and rescued herself and Li Xun. Xiao Yicai and the ghost king turned into a black air and left.

In Zhenmogu Cave, Guili used his own cultivation base to help Lin Jingyu heal his injuries. Guili’s mind contained everything Lin Jingyu had experienced since childhood. After Lin Jingyu woke up, he bluntly said that he could help Guili resurrect Baguio, because Baguio was also his good friend.

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