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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 15 Recap

Yun Yilan took the disciples from Fenxianggu and hid in the woods. Lin Jingyu comforted him not to panic. He had already passed the book back to Qingyun, and Tian Buyi and others would soon come to rescue him.

Gui Li’s repairing base was damaged, and he fell into a coma again, muttering to himself, calling Baguio’s name. The nine-tailed fox demon helped Guili heal, and Guili slowly woke up. After talking, Guili knew that the nine-tailed fox demon in front of him was the mother of his friend, the six-tailed fox demon, so he was considered to be his aunt, and told the story of Liuwei and Sanniang. Kyuubi was very sorry, but she told Guili, she didn’t want to take revenge. She confessed that when she was detained in the Profound Fire Altar, what she really thought was revenge every day. Trapped by hatred, Gui Li was a little touched by her words. However, Guili still wanted to resurrect Baguio.

After knowing that Baguio was Xiaochi’s daughter, Kiuwei decided to help Guili. In fact, this nine-tailed fox demon was named Xiaobai and he was practicing together with Baguio’s mother Xiaochi. The sisters were deeply affectionate. She told Guili that in the hundred thousand mountains, there is a family of exquisite witches, and it is said that there is the technique of gathering souls. Thinking of Guili’s life-saving grace, and the relationship between Baguio and himself, Xiaobai decided to accompany Guili to the Shiwan Dashan Mountain to find people from the Black Witch Clan.

Xiaobai took Guili into the enchantment of one hundred thousand mountains. The well-informed and knowledgeable Xiaobai saw the cracks in the blood-devouring bead in Guili’s hand, and knew that Guili would not let the blood-devouring bead eat living things. Knowing that he is still kind, he is always different from the ghost king. Xiao Bai’s words unconsciously made Gui Li realize that the crack on the Blood Devouring Orb might come from Xiao Yicai’s mana, and suddenly realized Xiao Yicai’s abnormality.

Xiaobai and Guili temporarily lived in the Kongshan cave. In the middle of the night, the great wizard of the black witch came to Guili. He asked Guili if he came here to resurrect the beast god. Guili replied decisively no, He came to prevent others from resurrecting the beast gods, but he knew that there was the technique of gathering spirits and resurrecting souls. The great wizard said that the technique of gathering souls and resurrecting souls changed their lives against the heavens.

Only Linglong could have this spell. Under Guili’s questioning, the great wizard told Linglong and the king of the beast gods to Guili. In ancient times, the ancestors in the hundred thousand mountains were tortured by disease and hunger. The witch Linglong was studying the art of longevity and resolving the world. Feeling disgusted, trying to communicate with the evil spirits of heaven and earth, she did not expect that her spells talked about the extremely unity of hostility between heaven and earth, and became a beast god.

In order to save her mistakes, Linglong would use her life to seal the beast god. However, the broken spirits of the Beast God escaped, and the blood of the Beast God was taken away by some people. There are many people in the world who covet the powerful power of the Beast God. They are waiting here to find the person who prevents the resurrection of the Beast God. The great wizard said that there were the remaining marks of the beast god in these seven miles, and he helped him enter so that he could find the weakness of the beast god.

The Beast God saw Gui Li, who had seen the remnant spirit of the Beast God in Wanfu Ancient Cave. The beast god asked Gui Li whether he had experienced the feeling of betrayal by a trusted person. Gui Li thought of Daoxuan holding the Zhuxian sword swinging towards him, and replied that I know. However, Gui Li still tried to persuade the beast god to give up his revenge. He knew that Xuan Huo Jian was the key to stopping the beast god’s resurrection.

The ghost king took Qinglong Youji and others into the enchantment of Shiwan Dashan, enjoying the power of Kui Niu, and resurrecting the beast god.

Tian Buyi led many Qingyun disciples also rushed to Fenxiang Valley, learning that the ghost king and others had entered the barrier of Shiwan Dashan, Lin Jingyu, Lu Xueqi, Xiao Yicai and Li Xun volunteered to enter the barrier to prevent the ghost king from resurrecting the beast god.

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