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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 14 Recap

When Gui Li came to Fenxiang Valley, he wanted to get the heavenly book. After all, that was his hope for resurrecting Baguio. At the entrance of Fenxiang Valley, he met Jin Ping’er who was waiting here, and when he learned that Qin Wuyan had penetrated into Fenxiang Valley, Gui Li insisted on going forward. Jin Ping’er was surprised, because according to the plan of the ghost king, it should be Qinglong who came to meet her and Qin Wuyan. From Gui Li’s words, Jin Ping’er learned that Gui Li had broken with the King of Gui Li, and Jin Ping’er said that he could help Gui Li because he did not want to resurrect the beast god.

Qin Wuyan gave Yan Hong the secret poison spectrum of Wandu Sect to show his sincerity. Yan Hong took it away happily, trying to hand over the poison spectrum to Shangguan Ce in exchange for Qin Wuyan’s life. But what she didn’t know was that the poison spectrum Qin Wuyan gave him was fake, and he secretly changed several vital prescriptions. The always greedy Shangguan would be anxious to practice the Book of Longevity according to the prescription, but he did not know that what he cultivated was the poison that could blow up the entire Fenxiang Valley.

After Yan Hong left, Gui Li and Jin Ping’er, who had been hiding in the corner of the room, walked out. Qin Wuyan was also surprised at Gui Li’s words, but Jin Ping’er was there to help Qin Wuyan. After learning about Qin Wuyan’s plan, Gui Li and Jin Ping’er were also ready to watch the changes.

When Gui Li and Jin Ping’er were leaving, they met Lin Jingyu who had come to remind Fenxiang Valley. Lin Jingyu mistakenly thought that Gui Li was here to help the King of Ghosts take away the resurrected beast god, so he drew swords. During the dispute between the two, Yun Yilan and Shangguan Ce noticed the abnormality and came to stop it, but Jin Ping’er covered Guili and left.

Yun Yilan thought that it was Qin Wuyan that brought in the King of Ghosts and asked Shangguance to immediately solve Qin Wuyan. Shangguance ostensibly agreed to the senior brother’s words, but privately believed that Yun Yilan wanted to take the heavenly book as his own and was unwilling to follow his fate. And Yan Hong went to Qin Wuyan secretly, let him escape, Qinglong stunned Yan Hong from behind, Qin Wuyan knew that he had no life worry.

Shangguance came to the Profound Fire Altar. Under the instigation of the nine-tailed fox demon, the heart of cultivating the Book of Heaven was about to move. He directly approached Yun Yilan and asked if Yun Yilan secretly let Li Xun practice the Book of Heaven, or how could he be here? Seeing the golden light of the heavenly book in the courtyard, Yun Yilan was helpless, so he had to take Shangguance to the Profound Fire Altar to check. Shangguance saw that the heavenly book was intact in the Profound Fire Altar before he would give up.

At this time, the alchemy room passed on After the change, Yun Yilan asked Shangguan Ce to read the book and went to the alchemy room to check the situation. Shangguan Ce started to cast the spell and wanted to take out the heavenly book. Guili and Jin Ping’er also wanted to enter, but they were stopped by Lin Jingyu, and Jin Ping’er blocked Lin Jingyu. The Guili depletion repair base lifted the seal of the Profound Fire Altar, and the nine-tailed fox demon was also rescued.

In the struggle between Shangguance and Guili, Guili’s cultivation base was greatly depleted. Nine-tailed monster fox gave Guili the Xuanhuo Jian in his hand. Jin Ping’er asked Lin Jingyu to leave, but Lin Jingyu was not willing , He knew that Guili was holding on now, if he wanted Guili to leave as soon as possible, he would take action. However, Gui Li was unwilling, and Shangguan Ce knew that his mana was inferior to everyone, so he ran away. The King of Ghosts and Qinglong arrived and took the Xuanhuojian from Guili’s hands, and the nine-tailed fox demon left with Guili.

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