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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 45 Recap

Wan Yan Zeli asked Lu Erbao to pretend to stabbing him to escape from the camp, thereby blinding Zhou Xiang who was investigating outside and Alhattu who was under house arrest in his tent. Doro found Alhattu at this time and told him not to miss the opportunity to regain the military power. ,

Alhatu was overwhelmed, said his intentions, and told Doro that he would marry Wunaxi after the matter was done, but he didn’t expect Wanyanzeli and Doro to just lie to him, and Wunaxi heard something out of the book. It is clear that she thinks that her father is only using herself as a pawn for power, and she is very sad. Lu Erbao fled back to the capital, and presented the letter entrusted to him by Wanyan Zeli to the emperor, asking Emperor Song to marry Yudie to him and he would not continue to attack the Song Dynasty.

Zhao Yuanqing decided to bring troops to fight the enemy, but the emperor did not want to continue because of Song Dynasty. In the war, he wanted to agree to Yan Zeli’s request for peace, so he asked Zhao Yuanqing to show the letter to Yudie before making a decision. Zhao Yuanqing first informed Li Ma about this matter. Li Ma vowed to fight Wanyan Zeli to the death, but the matter was heard by Yudie outside the door, and she was entangled for a long time. Wusao found Wang Jixian and wanted him to help him organize a wedding for Li Ma and Yudie. Wang Jixian readily agreed.

Wusao felt that she could see the two married alive and died, and she was very grateful to Wang Jixian. Wang Jixian took the opportunity to propose to Wusao again, but was declined by Wusao again. Lu Erbao came to visit Concubine Lu, who was in prison, and blamed Concubine Lu for doing so many detrimental things. Concubine Lu had already known her mistake and was very grateful for Yudie’s plea for her. Lu Erbao decided to plead with the emperor for mercy.

His sister was not dead, and the emperor agreed to his request, seeing him begging. Since hearing about the marriage, Yudie locked herself in her room and did not go out. Guier was worried about what happened to her, so she asked Li Ma and Wang Ye to see her. Li Ma and Wang Ye knocked on the door. Yudie did not respond. People guessed that Yudie already knew about it, and Li Ma planned to set out to kill Wan Zeli immediately. Yudie stopped him aloud and told them that for the sake of Song Dynasty, he could wrong himself and marry Wan Yan Zeli.

Before getting married, Yudie asked the emperor to spare Concubine Lu and let him give Concubine Lu a chance to re-behave. The emperor apologized and agreed to Yudie. Wusao didn’t know about it until Yudie was about to set off. She chased Yudie and left, and her body, who was overwhelmed with grief, would soon be unable to hold it. Guier insisted on going with Yudie, Yudie had to agree, and Li Ma’s guard and the team set off. The people in the city wish Yudie a smooth journey and return to the country as soon as possible. After leaving the city, Duo Luo was already waiting outside the city. He asked his subordinates to give Yudie the Wanyan Ji suit for her to change.

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