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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 44 Recap

After repelling Wanyan Bing, Lin Jue was awakened by Li Ma and Ji Er. Lin Jue was very angry, Li Ma cried and buried the little monkey. After a few people left, Biketa took the opportunity to urge Lu Erbao to attack Yan Zeli. Lu Erbao believed him credulously, but fell into an ambush by the enemy and was caught by Wan Yan Zeli. Gong Quanfu was also taken to Wanyan Daying, and Wanyan Zeli said that he would take care of him. Gong Quanfu did not expect that this was actually a Hongmen banquet.

Wanyan Zeli couldn’t see Gong Quanfu betraying others for money and poisoning Gong Quanfu’s wine. Before his death, Gong Quanfu cursed Wanyan Zeli for being as unhappy as himself, and then Throwing all his gold, silver and jewels into his mouth, he eventually died with hatred. Wanyan Zeli felt that he was crazy for money. The Wanyan people arrested the veterinarian to prove that the horse was indeed suffering from the epidemic. Wanyan Zeli asked his subordinates to force the veterinarian to find herbs to treat the epidemic. Doro came back to report that Yan Zeli was dead, but Li Ma and the other three succeeded.

Wan Yan Zeli was very angry. He tried to persuade Lu Erbao to send him back to Beijing to help him deliver the letter to the emperor. Lu Erbao promised to send the letter and told Wan Yan Zeli not to do so in the future. I regret not killing myself today. Doro came to give Alhatu wine at the trust of Una Creek. Alhatu took the opportunity to use his power and his daughter to tempt him to kill Wan Zeli.

Doro looked at the marshal’s seal and showed some fascination. The three of Li and Ma finally rushed back to the capital and arrived at the palace. The prince was surprised when he knew that Li and Ma had returned. The prince sent an imperial physician to Lin Jue for the treatment. He blamed Li Ma for not telling everyone that he was safe before returning to Beijing. Everyone didn’t know that he was still alive. When Ji Er saw him blame Li Ma, she couldn’t see it and spoke for Li Ma.

However, he was ruthless and accused Zhao Yuanqing of marrying Li Ma’s lover as his wife when Li Ma’s whereabouts were unknown. The prince was kicked out of the room. The prince wanted to explain to Li Ma that Li Ma, who had married Zhao Yuanqing and Yudie, did not want to listen. Said to find Jier, and left the room. The prince told Yudie that Li Ma was not dead, and now he came back. Yudie was overjoyed. On the other hand, Li Ma went to the palace to find Wusao. From Wang Jixian, he learned that Wusao followed Yudie into the palace, so he decided to go to the palace to find Wusao.

Sister-in-law. When Wusao saw Li Ma, she cried with joy, and she wanted to take him to find Yudie, telling him that Yudie was not the princess but the princess now. Li Ma finally knew the truth and looked at Princess Shude who came to see him in surprise—— Jade butterfly. The family is finally reunited, and the prince plans to match up the marriage between Li Ma and Yudie.

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