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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 43 Recap

The prince asked Concubine Lu if she suspected of poisoning her. Concubine Lu pretended not to know. Yudie asked Zhou Xiang to salvage Qiuyue’s body and told the prince. Concubine Lu would not provoke herself when she heard the incident. The prince asked angrily. Her, Concubine Lu had to recruit from the truth, and told the prince about the change in the official document. The prince hurriedly sent Zhou Xiang to the front line, hoping to intercept the official document.

By this time Gong Quanfu had arrived at Songying and read the fake official documents to everyone, so that Li Ma and Lin Jue returned to Beijing to receive the reward, and only Lu Erbao alone guarded Quezhou. Li Ma and Lin Jue didn’t feel excited after hearing this. Instead, they felt that the matter should be postponed. Lu Erbao suspected that they did not believe that they could win the battle. Gong Quanfu acted as a peacemaker to mediate, and Lu Erbao decided to practice for the two first.

Row. Li Ma and Lin Jue discussed it for a long time and thought the matter was strange, but they were worried that the prince might have something important, so they decided to go to Beijing, and the little monkey and Ji Er would also go together. After everyone left, Bichta had a chance to deliver a letter to Wanyan Zeli. Wanyan Zeli was being deceived by Li Ma and others, and sent Duolo to intercept Li Ma and others halfway. I never thought that there was an epidemic in my army, Wanyan Army’s veterinarian could not treat it, and Wanyan Zeli was angry again.

On the way back to Beijing, Gong Quanfu pretended to have a stomachache and asked Li Ma and others to go first. The little monkey told everyone that today was his 20th birthday, and some fortune tellers said that he would not live to be 20 years old. Lin Jue decided to fulfill his wish, little monkey. Asking Lin Jue’s horse to ride, he ran in front of the chasing wind, and ran to the ambush ring of Wanyan soldiers. He was injured by the enemy’s treacherous tricks.

When the four of them fled, Lin Jue was also hit by a dark arrow. Lin Jue lost too much blood and fainted, but the little monkey died in Li Ma’s arms. Doro chased into the woods, trying to set people on fire, and didn’t want to be shot by Li Ma hiding in the woods, so his men hurriedly rescued him. The prince continued to interrogate Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu tried to fabricate a story to get through, but the prince saw through him. The prince defrauded her of Gong Quanfu and had already caught him and called Gong Quanfu to confront him. Concubine Lu was so scared that she had murdered Yudie and Man.

The fact that the lotus fetus, the prince brought her to the emperor, let the emperor convict her. The emperor and Concubine Qin were very angry and, despite Concubine Lu’s begging, wanted to behead her. Yudie pleaded with Concubine Lu. The emperor had to agree to her request and temporarily spared Concubine Lu. Yudie reported that Concubine Qin wanted to see Wusao. Wusao and Wang Jixian saw Yudie hurriedly hide the medicine. Yudie was suspicious, but was concealed by Wusao and Wang Jixian.

They did not find Wusao. Sister-in-law was sick. But Wusao had already discovered that Yudie was beginning to doubt herself. She discussed with Wang Jixian to leave the capital. Wang Jixian suggested that Wusao be married with herself, but was rejected by Wusao on the grounds of returning to the roots. Wang Jixian immediately packed his luggage and told Wusao that he was willing to follow her back to Hangzhou.

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