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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 42 Recap

The prince called Yudie and wanted to use her to ask Wusao’s thoughts. Yudie told him that Wusao was a little lonely now. The prince asked to help Wusao and Wang Jixian as a matchmaker. Yudie thought it was very good. In order to help Wusao’s illness, Wang Jixian personally helped Wusao pick up the medicine to come back to boil Chinese medicine, and sent it to Wusao.

Yudie just came to ask Wusao’s opinion on the marriage. She noticed that Wusao was drinking medicine, but was deceived by Wusao and Wang Jixian’s partnership. Yudie had to ask Wusao whether she was considering marrying Wang Jixian, but Wusao still refused. agree. Gong Quanfu came back with the official document of the prince secretly, intending to imitate the handwriting of the prince to re-draw an official document to pass on the will. At this time, Concubine Lu came to ask whether the matter of Qiuyue was appropriate. Gong Quanfu was able to hide the official document in the future and was discovered by Concubine Lu. Concubine screamed when he saw what he was doing.

Gong Quanfu threatened Concubine Lu if it would be bad for both of them. Concubine Lu promised not to say it, and went back to the room tremblingly. After a long struggle, she still couldn’t. Determined to tell the prince. At this time, the prince called Zhang Qiao’s for inquiries. Zhang Qiao’s told the prince and Zhou Xiang that the weapon used by the murderer was a whisk with a hidden sword.

After Gong Quanfu finished the last task, he returned to the palace and saw Zhou Xiang following Xiaofuzi. He suspected that Zhou Xiang had any evidence and planned to flee the palace immediately. After thinking about a plan, Concubine Lu found the prince and told him that she had seen a white-haired weapon at Gong Quanfu. Unfortunately, Gong Quanfu had already escaped from the palace at this time. Later Zhou Xiang found out that Gong Quanfu was the one who killed Xiaochunzi.

The murderer, Yudie, visited Concubine Lu on the grounds of Qiuyue visiting relatives. Zhou Xiang suspected that Qiuyue was either killed or escaped with Gong Quanfu. The prince ordered him to search for Gong Quanfu and Qiuyue in the city. Knowing that Qiuyue had not left the house, Zhou Xiang and Yudie were investigating in the house. Zhou Xiang found the place where the urging fans were buried. After checking the chaifang, Yudie concluded that someone had cleaned it on purpose.

She found it along the blood stains on the road. The well where Qiuyue’s body was hidden. Once again, Li Ma and Lin Jue defeated the cavalry on the grassland. Lu Erbao decided to give a banquet to the generals. Biketa slapped Lu Erbao’s flattery everywhere at the banquet, but was choked by Jier. Lu Erbao said that his face was not so good. . Wan Yan Zeli was defeated again and was extremely unhappy. At this time, Wunaxi ridiculed him, and he was very angry and bullied Wunaxi.

Afterwards, Doro sent a barbecue to Wunaxi and persuaded Wunaxi to learn about current affairs. Unaxi transferred the barbecue to his father. Alhatu knew that the barbecue was sent by Doro. He wanted to make friends through Unaxi and Doro. Unaxi felt that he had become a bargaining chip for his father and left.

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