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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 41 Recap

In order to solve the doubts in his mind, the prince came to ask Wusao about her adoption of Yudie. Wusao said that she didn’t remember anything. The prince asked her why she said Yudie was her own birth and Li Ma was not her own, instead of saying both The fifth sister-in-law is dumb. Seeing that the prince couldn’t ask anything, he went directly to the emperor to ask. The emperor had no choice but to tell him the truth. It turned out that the national teacher concluded that the little princess was the reincarnation of the black dragon and wanted the jade butterfly to sink into the pond.

The eunuch beside the emperor was worried that the little princess would be killed, so he handed the little princess to Wang Jixian’s father and asked him to take the little princess out of the palace. After the national teacher was found out about practicing sorcery, the emperor knew that the national teacher deceived him that the little princess was the reincarnation of the black dragon in order to use the little princess to refine the body oil, and then killed the national teacher.

After hearing this, Zhao Yuanqing promised to keep it secret for the emperor, but begged the emperor to compensate Yudie. Concubine Lu was worried that Qiuyue’s affairs would be known to others, so Gong Quanfu kept it secret and handled the Qiuyue’s affairs properly. Gong Quanfu asked her for the golden hairpin. Concubine Lu felt that he had an inch and needed help, so she had to give it to her. Gong Quanfu. In the evening, Qiuyue escaped while Gong Quanfu was not there, but was still bumped into by Gong Quanfu.

Gong Quanfu accidentally found evidence that Qiuyue murdered Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu forced her to speak, and Gong Quanfu even took out his sword. It ruined Qiuyue’s face, and this move scared Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu and Gong Quanfu tortured Qiuyue for a long time, sprinkling salt on Qiuyue’s wounds. Qiuyue knew that it was impossible to live, and finally could not bear it. He cursed Concubine Lu as a snake and scorpion. Concubine Lu was so angry that Gong Quanfu killed Qiuyue. The prince is still asking Zhou Xiang to investigate the homicide.

At this time, Zhou Xiang has brought back Zhang Qiao and wants to investigate quickly. Wanyan Zeli knew about the surrender to the enemy by Wanyan Zeli. He was very angry. Doro asked to infiltrate the Song Camp to take the life of the Piketta, but Wanyan Zeli decided to guard the whole camp first and make a decision after observation. On the other side, Lu Erbao asked Piketta and finished Yan Zeli’s military deployment. Lu Erbao immediately called Li Ma and Lin Jue to send them troops. Li Ma and Lin Jue still didn’t trust Piketta. Lu Erbao was furious and thought that the two People didn’t trust themselves, Li Ma and Lin Jue couldn’t argue, they had to take their orders, but the two decided to go the other way, attack the enemy Zuoying, and return in a big victory.

Wanyan Zeli, who was defeated in Lien Lien, planned to make a breakthrough from Gong Quanfu to give Gong Quanfu more benefits and allow him to steal important information from Da Song. Li Ma sleeps and dreams at night, holding Ji’er’s hand, Ji’er guarding him, Lin Jue sees him, Lin Jue persuades her not to torture herself anymore, Ji’er talks with Lin Jue, but he didn’t see Bike Tower giving Wan Yan Zeli After reporting the letter, Wan Yan Zeli received a letter here and knew that Pike Tower was a surrender.

After Yan Zeli pretended to be drunk by Unaxi, Paodoro overheard the conversation between Unaxi and Alhatu and learned that Alhatu I want to make a comeback through my daughter. Gong Quanfu knows the fifth sister-in-law’s condition, and is sad at night and can’t sleep. The prince knows his intentions and intends to help him ask the fifth sister-in-law’s feelings, and if possible, help them get married.

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