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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 36 End Recap

Sato took Shang Wanting to leave. On the condition of Shang Wanting’s safety, he asked Shen Shuhao to exchange the vein map with himself. He told Shen Shuhao that he had planted three bombs in the city. If Shen Shuhao did not hand over the vein map, he would explode. Dead still Wanting. According to Sato’s instructions, Shen Shuhao found the first brocade box that Sato had placed in the city. After opening the brocade box, Shen Shuhao found that there was no bomb inside. The real bomb exploded at this time. The innocent policeman was killed.

At this time, Sato called and again asked Shen Shuhao to hand over the map of the vein. In order to delay, Shen Shuhao told Sato that the map of the vein was hidden in the Japan Chamber of Commerce. Only then did Sato tell Shen Shuhao the clue of the second bomb. Ji Changan and Shen Shuhao were discussing , Speculating where the second bomb was actually placed. Under He Mulan’s prompt, they guessed that the second bomb should be in the ballroom.

Ji Changan brought people to the ballroom and tried to dismantle the bomb, but he cut the wrong thread. , Ji Changan dodged in time, only slightly injured. Afterwards, Sato called Shen Shuhao again. Shen Shuhao heard Sato’s voice from the phone, and speculated that Shang Wanting was locked up in Tai’an Department Store. Shang Wanting was tied to a chair by Wuhuada, her mouth was tightly strangled by the cloth strips, she saw Shen Shuhao coming, and screamed excitedly.

Shen Shuhao unwrapped the cloth strip that Shang Wanting’s mouth was pressed, and saw that the bomb tied to Shang Wanting’s body had three threads. It was difficult to determine which one was the real detonating thread. Shang Wanting saw that Shen Shuhao was nervous and kissed Shen Shuhao’s. Forehead, I want to comfort him and let him relax. With Shang Wanting’s encouragement and comfort, Shen Shuhao rescued Shang Wanting. Sato, who was watching all this in the dark, wanted to shoot and kill the two. Fortunately, Ji Changan ran out of the hospital to help Shen Shuhao regardless of his own safety.

Busy, the three were able to escape. Major Gu led troops to occupy the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting brought the detector to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, because they knew that the vein map was copper, and the detector would make a sound when it was scanned. They were in the dark box under the table, Found the vein map. Shen Shuhao decided to hand over the vein map to Major Gu, and took Shang Wanting away, but when the two were about to leave, He Mulan appeared.

He Mulan did not want to see Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting happy, and wanted to shoot and kill Shang. Wanting. But Shen Shuhao stood in front of Shang Wanting, He Mulan wanted to shoot herself, and Uncle Qu came to stop He Mulan. Japanese bombers continued to hover over Shanghai, and a bomb was dropped above the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Uncle Qu unfortunately passed away. He Mulan was distraught, and the people who loved her left her one by one.

Shen Shuhao was going to take the Shen family out of the city to flee, and he wanted He Mulan to be with them, so as to ensure personal safety. Ji Changan drove Xiao Zhiying and appeared in front of Shen Shuhao , To Shen Shuhao Shang Wanting to leave with them, Shen Shuhao had to ask Uncle Tolu to take care of his family, and agreed to turn around at a designated place. Sato knew that Shen Shuhao had found the mine map and had left the city, so he took Hoshino and others to chase and kill Shen Shuhao. Shen Shuhao and Ji Changan saw Sato chasing and asked Shang Wanting to hide in the car with He Mulan.

He and Ji Changan Xiao Zhiying got out of the car and confronted Sato. He Mulan stood up when he saw that Sato’s bullet was about to hit Shen Shuhao Stepping out, desperately blocking the bullet, Ji Changan shot Sato with one shot, and the group took the injured He Mulan to find Major Gu, Shen Shuhao was busy helping He Mulan find a military doctor, Shang Wanting looked at Shen Shuhao’s figure. She wasn’t sure who He Mulan and herself had in Shen Shuhao’s mind was more important.

She forgot that Shen Shuhao’s heart was full of her position. Shang Wanting hesitated for a while and chose to leave. Shen Shuhao couldn’t find Shang Wanting, and was very worried. He also embarked on the road to find Shang Wanting.

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