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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 35 Recap

Shen Shuhao negotiated with the businessmen and planned to compete with the Japanese at low prices and grab the market from the Japanese. Everyone agreed to Shen Shuhao’s decision because it concerns the entire Chinese businessmen in China.

But Sato and others learned about Shen Shuhao’s plan and sent Hoshino to set the warehouse of Taian Company on fire. This made Shen Shuhao helpless. The bosses of other merchants learned that the warehouse of Taian Company was burned, and they all told Shen Shuhao that they were willing to use their own products. The bidding price and supporting Shen Shuhao’s decision made Shen Shuhao very moved. In addition to low-price auctions, Shen Shuhao also asked He Mulan to contact her classmates and organize a demonstration to boycott Japanese goods.

The actions of patriotic students awakened the citizens, and there were boycotts of Japanese goods in Shanghai. Sato knew that this was Shen Shuhao’s idea, and the members of the Qing Gang and Han Shui Gang were also helping Shen Shuhao. Sato arrested Shen Shuhao and wanted to solve the current dilemma. Shen Shuhao was arrested by Sato in the Japan Chamber of Commerce. He heard that Sato spoke in Japanese when he was communicating with others.

It was exactly the same as the Japanese he heard when his home was suddenly caught in a fire. He was immediately determined to set fire to his own home and killed his mother. The person is Sato. At this time, the student boycott of Japanese goods was also suppressed by the Japanese. He Mulan went to Shang Guodong, forced Shang Guodong to persuade Shang Guodong and let the Japanese release Shen Shuhao. But what He Mulan didn’t expect was that Shang Guodong didn’t care about Shang Wanting’s safety.

In fact, Shang Wanting was detained by He Mulan in He’s house and sent someone to guard. Shang Wanting knocked out the subordinates before they were not paying attention and ran away. Qu San found Shang Wanting, and Shang Wanting was chased by Qu San. Hurrying to escape, he accidentally fell downstairs, He Mulan had to send Shang Wanting to the hospital, Shang Wanting took the opportunity to escape.

Knowing that Shen Shuhao was captured by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Shang Wanting told Uncle Lu to go to Ji Changan for help, and she hurried to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. In fact, Shen Shuhao had long known that the Japanese would take him away when they were poor, and he would use his plan to pretend to be taken away by the Japanese, in fact, in order to sneak into the Japanese Chamber of Commerce to find the whereabouts of the vein map.

While the guards were all asleep, Shen Shuhao unlocked his handcuffs and was about to start his action. Unexpectedly, the monk Shang Wanting met just after leaving the room. Shen Shuhao took Shang Wanting in action in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. He never heard Shang Guodong speak Japanese and heard his special voice when he said water spinach. Reminiscent of what Uncle He said before, he thought that the man behind this series of cases might be Shang Guodong.

At the same time, Shang Guodong discovered Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting preemptively asked why Shang Guodong could speak Japanese. Shang Guodong had a clear face and frankly said that he was a Japanese. As for Shang Wanting, his own adoption Daughter, Shang Wanting understands why her father never cared about her feelings.

Accept, only use yourself as a tool to help him achieve his goals. Ji Changan and Major Gu also came to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce at this time, trying to rescue Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao. In the process of fighting the Japanese, Shang Guodong was injured by Shen Shuhao, and Shang Wanting fell into Sato’s hands.

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