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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 34 Recap

He Mulan was forced to desperate by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, and took the risk and burned the warehouse of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. He Mulan wanted to find the whereabouts of the mineral veins as soon as possible to revitalize the Dah Sing Company, so she went to the Japan Chamber of Commerce alone with the map of the veins, and was accidentally caught by Hoshino.

Later, Hoshino enforced martial law in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and tortured He Mulan to extract a confession. Shen Yue learned that He Mulan had been arrested, and was very anxious. He wanted to pass the news to Shen Shuhao so that he could rescue He Mulan. However, the Chamber of Commerce has been under martial law. Go to the hospital, so escaped from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. In the hospital, Shen Yue asked the nurse for help and passed the news to Shen Shuhao.

Shen Shuhao rushed to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and rescued He Mulan. At this time, Shen Yue also killed the Japanese guards at the hospital and rushed to the Chamber of Commerce to help Shen Shuhao. Shen Yue helped He Mulan and Shen Shuhao escape from danger, but unfortunately she was hit by the Japanese and died in He Mulan’s arms. He Mulan recalled everything Shen Yue had done for herself, tears raining down, and heartbroken.

Shang Wanting was locked in the secret room of the He family by He Mulan, tied to a chair and unable to get out, so she managed to hang her necklace around the cat’s neck. It happened that when Shen Shuhao came to Hefu to look for He Mulan, he saw the necklace on the cat’s neck.

Under the lead of the cat, Shen Shuhao came to the secret room, but only saw the chair and the rope, not the figure of Shang Wanting. Shen Shuhao started Suspicious, because from the traces of the scene, Shang Wanting was detained in Hefu. Shen Shuhao accidentally learned that He Mulan had a treasure map, and was convinced that his suspicion was true, so he rushed to He Fu to question He Mulan.

He Mulan simply admitted that she indeed kidnapped Shang Wanting and asked Shen Shuhao to hold the real Of the vein map to exchange. The Sino-Japanese business war intensified, and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce did not hesitate to dump goods at low prices, so that no customers came to Chinese stores. Shen’s family is a leader in Shanghai’s business community. Shen Shuhao called merchants to discuss solutions.

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