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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 33 Recap

Shen Shuhao realizes that Mr. Chen is missing, and he and Major Ji Changangu plan to rescue Mr. Chen. The three of them cooperated closely and performed a play in front of Sato, which made Sato mistakenly believe that Eguchi had betrayed them.

n the one hand, Sato gave Hoshino an order to kill Eguchi, and on the other hand, he asked Hoshino to take Mr. Chen. Shen Shuhao led Ji Chang’an Police Station’s men in ambush in the woods. Shen Shuhao’s marksmanship was accurate, and Ji Chang’an’s men had no weak soldiers. Hoshino’s men fell one after another. In order to protect himself, Hoshino took Chen Lao as a hostage and asked Shen Shuhao and others to back off. Later, Hoshino got into the car and prepared to escape. When she left, she shot Chen Lao. Chen Lao was lying in Shen Shuhao’s arms.

Ji Changan and others hurried Chen Lao to the hospital, but because of excessive bleeding, the rescue was ineffective. Die. Shen Shuhao was very sad. To him, Mr. Chen was not only a lifesaver, but also a teacher who accompanied him all the way up. Yun Shisan wanted to kill Shen Yue, who was a traitor, but he couldn’t bear it. He learned that Hoshino wanted to kill Shen Yue, and he was suspicious, suspecting that Shen Yue did not really take refuge in the Japanese, but here.

At that time, Shen Yue’s subordinate A Sheng also sent the letter to Yun Shisan according to Shen Yue’s instructions. Yun Shisan knew from the letter that Shen Yue was a traitor. He thought of what Hoshino said, Yun Shisan knew Shen Yue was in danger, so he hurried to help Shen Yue. When Yun Shisan arrived, Hoshino’s gun was pointed at Shen Yue.

Yun Shisan accused Shen Yue of being a traitor and pretended to kill him. This distracted Hoshino’s attention. When Yun Shisan turned his gun to Hoshino, the Japanese sniper hiding in the dark aimed at Shen Yue, Yun After seeing Shisan, he dashed and threw Shen Yue down. He wanted Shen Yue to kill himself. Only in this way could he win the trust of the Japanese and achieve his own goals. Shen Yue couldn’t do it.

After all, Yun Shisan was the only one who was sincerely good to himself. Brother of, but Yun Shisan used the gun in Shen Yue’s hand to aim at himself and buckled the wrench. Shen Shuhao learns that Shang Wanting’s father, Shang Guodong, has taken up the post of Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He thinks about what happened before and after. He suspects that Hou Ye’s death is related to He Mulan Shang Guodong and others, so he needs Shang Wanting. Help yourself to solve this mystery.

In fact, Shen Shuhao’s suspicion was not wrong. It was indeed He Mulan who killed Lord Hou, forged the scene, and locked Shang Wanting. Subsequently, He Mulan came to Shen Shuhao deliberately to show his courtesy, but Shen Shuhao’s attitude was very cold. He Mulan knew very well that Shen Shuhao no longer loved herself, so He Mulan wanted to avenge Shen Shuhao and get the treasure Shen Shuhao wanted and the beloved Shang Wan Ting, ruined them.

In order to occupy the Chinese market, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce fought a price war, and the people rushed to buy the products of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Dah Sing and Tai’an Department Store had a large backlog of goods. Shen Shuhao intends to buy a batch of lower-priced goods from the boss of Nanyang Chen and engage in a price war with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

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