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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 32 Recap

Shen Shuhao took Shang Wanting to the train station to take a train to Hangzhou, but unexpectedly met Ji Changan. After a few greetings, the three separated. After Hoshino’s men killed Ishihara, they tried to use Ishihara’s death to provoke a bigger incident. Hoshino came to the newspaper and found President Tian, ​​threatened him with his family and forced him to make up reports, falsely claiming that Ishihara was killed by the Chinese. of.

After learning about President Tian, ​​Mr. Chen tried every means to get in touch with President Tian. Following President Tian’s prompts, he rescued President Tian’s family, and then rushed to report to the agency and published a report on the truth of Ishihara’s death. When Colonel Chen Lao Yuegu met, the two people had different beliefs, but their patriotism and salvation were the same. Chen Lao told Hoshino about President Tian’s use of public opinion to attack Shanghai.

Colonel Gu said that he needed more The evidence, so that the superior will be convinced. In fact, Major Gu was very curious about Mr. Chen’s true identity, so after the separation, he sent someone to follow Mr. Chen. Unexpectedly, Lawyer Xiao came to report to Major Gu that Mr. Chen was taken away by Japanese agents.

The well-known lawyer Xiao, named Xiao Zhiying, is a subordinate of the military spy—Major Gu. Shen Shuhao knew that Lord Hou wanted to flee to Hong Kong, but the Nanjing government refused to let him go, so he expected that Lord Hou must be in his hometown in Hangzhou, so he took Shang Wanting to the hometown of Lord Hou in Hangzhou, and met a man who had been living here forever Lord Hou. Shen Shuhao self-reported his identity. He said that his real name was Zhou Dingyi, and he was the son of Shen Muzhi and Bijun. After hearing this, Hou Ye was full of emotion.

After hearing Shen Shuhao’s description of what he had learned about the vein map, Hou Ye told Shen Shuhao his manager at the time. Hou Ye and Shen Muzhi’s young friends, because the fathers of the two families were old friends, and the two of them had similar interests. Ye Hou stole the fake map from Shen Muzhi. He couldn’t see through the secrets, so he became angry. Go to Shen Muzhi to confront. Shen Muzhi said that he did not understand the secret behind the vein map.

Lord Hou didn’t believe it at all. He sent someone to stare at Shen Muzhi, but he didn’t notice any abnormal behavior of Shen Muzhi at all, so he believed that what Shen Muzhi said was true. . Shen Shuhao showed the incomplete map to Master Hou. Master Hou understood the mystery and helped Shen Shuhao complete the map. He told Shen Shuhao that the real map of mineral veins might be hidden in the places where the points were erased.

After Shen Shuhao returned to Shanghai, he compared the pipeline map of Shanghai to find the real vein map. Shen Shuhao intends to invite Lord Hou to return to Shanghai, but Lord Hou is no longer willing to get involved in disputes between the rivers and lakes, so Shen Shuhao has to give up. That night, Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting temporarily lived in Hou Ye’s Mansion. The next day, Shen Shuhao woke up and found that Shang Wanting was not by his side. Master Hou died at the door.

The dagger stuck in Master Hou’s body belonged to Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting’s jewelry is still hanging on the first piece, but Shen Shuhao knows that these so-called evidences seem to be seamless, but they just expose the real murderer’s desire to plant and frame. After Shen Shuhao returned to Shanghai, after a secret investigation, he felt that the person most suspected was Shang Wanting’s father, Shang Guodong.

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