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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 31 Recap

Sato asks Shen Yue to come forward and find Hartong to buy the land-He Mulan wants to buy the land for the racecourse. He Mulan learns that Harton has changed her mind and is difficult to ride a tiger. She doesn’t know what to do because of Harton’s land. Located in the center of the racecourse, if this piece of land is not available, the racecourse cannot be built. Sato took the land he bought from Hartong, went to Hefu to find He Mulan, and asked for a stake in the racecourse on the condition of this land. Sato’s conditions are nearly harsh:

For a 49% stake, shops near the racecourse must sell Japanese goods. He Mulan didn’t know what to do, she went to Shen Shuhao for help. Shen Shuhao summoned all the shareholders of Tai’an Company, and everyone brainstormed together to find a solution, because everyone knew clearly that this matter was about national justice. Everyone re-planned the location of the racecourse, and He Mulan’s problem was solved. She thought that Shen Shuhao was so troublesome to help herself because Shen Shuhao still liked herself. The two of them ate together.

Shen Shuhao drank too much, and she kept calling Shang Wanting’s name made He Mulan very angry and asked the steward Qu San to send Shen Shuhao home. Because she was stimulated by Shen Shuhao, He Mulan was very angry. The next day, she drove down the street and saw He Mulan who was walking not far away while reading the newspaper. She wanted to drive Shang Wanting to death. After Wanting hit the ground, He Mulan still couldn’t bear it.

At the critical moment, she stepped on the brake. He Mulan got out of the car and told Shang Wanting that she would not let her and Shen Shuhao go. This made Shang Wanting very worried about Shen Shuhao’s safety and hurried back to Shen’s home to see Shen Shuhao. Shang Wanting saw the drunk Shen Shuhao sleeping on the bed. She stepped forward and sat beside Shen Shuhao’s bed.

From Shen Shuhao’s murmur, Shang Wanting knew that Shen Shuhao had discovered that she had stolen the treasure map. Moreover, Shen Shuhao cares more about why she is hiding from herself than treasures. Shang Wanting tears in her eyes, lying next to Shen Shuhao. The next day, Shang Wanting woke up and saw Shen Shuhao standing by the bed. Shang Wanting told Shen Shuhao the ins and outs of the matter, and the two decided to work together to find the treasure.

Shen Shuhao said that he had discovered a secret in the secret room. Perhaps only Hou Ye could interpret the vein map, so he had to go to Hangzhou to find Hou Ye, and Shang Wanting insisted on accompany Shen Shuhao. In the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Ishihara overheard the conversation between Sato and his father when he passed by Sato’s office.

He knew Sato’s plan to turn Shanghai into another Manchukuo, and Shang Wanting’s father, Shang Guodong’s true identity was also The Japanese, Shang Wanting is just his adopted daughter and a tool for him to achieve his goals. Sato discovered something abnormal outside the door, and saw Ishihara outside the door. Ishihara accused Shang Guodong of using Shang Wanting unsentimentally, accusing Sato and others of being utterly conscienceless in what they were planning.

To prevent Ishihara from leaking their secrets, Fuji puts Ishihara under house arrest. Ishihara designed to escape and wanted to tell Shang Wanting about the conspiracy of Shang Guodong and others, but when he arrived at Shangfu, he learned that Shang Wanting was at a friend’s house. On the way to his friend’s house, Ishihara was killed by Hoshino’s men.

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