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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 30 Recap

In the Shang family, Shang Wanting, who was forcibly taken back by Shang’s father, sat angrily on the sofa. Shang’s father told Shang Wanting that his position as bank president was gone. Father Shang played the family card and told Wanting to tell the story of her childhood. He told Shang Wanting that as long as she could find the whereabouts of the mineral veins, he would agree that she and Shen Shuhao would go high. Shang Wanting agreed to her father’s conditions.

In the downpour, Shang Wanting came to Shen Mansion holding an umbrella. She wanted to go to Shen Shuhao’s study and tell him everything, but she couldn’t, because she promised her father to find the whereabouts of the vein map, which meant , I must stand on the opposite side of Shen Shuhao. In the study, Shen Shuhao looked at the vein map and couldn’t find the clue, so he stood by the window to rest. He saw Shang Wanting’s Shen Yue.

Shen Shuhao rushed out desperately, but he could no longer see Wanting. Shen Yue came to He Mulan’s office to visit her, but He Mulan spoke harshly and used a fly to compare Shen Yue, saying that he was in a good mood now, and he would wave his hand to drive the flies away, but not necessarily one day, he would kill the flies. He Mulan’s attitude made Shen Yue very sad. He Mulan was planning to build a racetrack, which made Sato and Hoshino very upset because it would take away their business. Sato decided to do something with He Mulan.

Shen Yuehe’s subordinates were looking for Yun Shisan. When passing by Hefu, he found that the Japanese had entered Hefu. He didn’t know what the Japanese were doing, but he knew that these people were not kind. Before Hoshino tried to persuade Shen Yue to join them, but Shen Yue refused, but now, for He Mulan, Shen Yue decides to join the Japanese, even if he knows that his best brother Yun Shisan is incompatible with the Japanese. hatred. Shen Yue found Hoshino and told her that she could take refuge in the Japanese, but the condition was to return the Grand Hyatt Ballroom and Quaid Bank to herself.

Hoshino’s condition was that Shen Yue had to kill Yun Shisan so that he would believe him. As soon as Hoshino’s words fell, the two men dragged the bruised Yun Shisan up. Shen Yue was stunned. He didn’t expect that Yun Shisan he was looking for would fall into the hands of the Japanese. Yun Shisan said that Shen Yue should be very clear that the person he hates most in his life is a traitor. Hoshino handed the gun to Shen Yue, who pretended to pretend that the gun did not aim, and gave Yun Shisan a chance to escape. Afterwards, Shen Yue asked his men to find Yun Shisan and send him the letter.

In the middle of the night, Shang Wanting returned to Shen’s home. In the study, Shen Shuhao was still studying the map. The masked Shang Wanting was dressed in black and deliberately wandered in front of the study. Shen Shuhao saw the figure outside the study and hid the map under the desk. , Rushed out. Shang Wanting took the opportunity to sneak into the study, and when she took the map, she accidentally touched the switch, and behind the bookcase, a hidden door emerged. Shang Wanting When she closed the secret door and was about to leave, Shen Shuhao returned.

To get away, Shang Wanting opened the door of the dark room again, and ran away when Shen Shuhao was shocked by the dark room. Shen Shuhao walked into the dark room. In the dark room, Shen Shuhao found a handwritten note from the three years of the Republic of China. In it, he saw Shen Muzhi’s personal letter and learned the mystery of his life experience. In the third year of the Republic of China, Shen Muzhi’s father and Hou Ye’s father Hou Tianlu were good friends. They learned that the Japanese had found a map of the northeast ore veins. They could use the map to create countless munitions.

For the sake of national justice, they went as a group to stop the Japanese. Shen Muzhi only knew that his father was leaving, but he didn’t know what his father was doing. He was thinking that he was taking his lover and the maid of the family-Bi Jun to leave, because at this time, Bi Jun was pregnant with a child in his belly. , Is Zhou Dingyi. But when Shen Muzhi was about to elope with Bijun, he learned from others that Shen Yuanshan was in danger and had to rush to save his father.

When Shen Muzhi arrived, his father had been killed by the Japanese. When Shen Yuanshan was dying, he gave Shen Muzhi the vein map in his hand. With tears in his eyes, Shen Muzhi returned to look for Bijun, but he could not be found. It turned out that Bijun met the bandits while waiting for Shen Muzhi and was taken away. Fortunately, a young man rescued Bijun, but Bijun had to live in the northeast and was on a separate side from Shen Muzhi, so he could only raise the child by himself.

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