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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 29 Recap

The Shen family, Shang Wanting took good care of the injured Shen Shuhao. When Shen Shuhao took the oil painting and studied it, he found that some dander had fallen from the top. Shang Wanting took a knife for him. Shen Shuhao scraped off the surface of the painting and found that the bottom layer of the painting was an incomplete map. Shang Wanting told Shen Shuhao what she had accidentally heard in the Japan Chamber of Commerce, saying that Shen Muzhi’s death was inextricably linked to the Japanese.

Shen Shuhao remembered what she had heard from Miss Hoshino at the Japan Chamber of Commerce that day and thought Shang Wanting said. It is reasonable, they analyzed, for the present plan, is to find the person who killed Shen Muzhi. The recuperated Shen Shuhao came to the police station and found Ji Changan. He asked Ji Changan to assist him in investigating the cause of Shen Muzhi’s death.

Ji Changan took Shen Shuhao to monitor the Japanese Ronin Zhicun. Based on Zhicun’s life experience, Ji Changan speculated that he might be a killer. . The real murderer Shangfu took the opportunity to kill Shimura, and wanted Shimura to be a scapegoat.

In fact, Sato is very dissatisfied with Shangfu, because he has not found the whereabouts of the vein map for a long time. When he sneaked into the Shen Mansion to look for the vein map last time, he also let Shen Shuhao realize that he was using karate, which directly caused Shen Shuhao’s attitude towards them. doubt. Shangfu realized that Sato wanted to replace his position as bank president, so he raised his daughter’s idea and wanted Shang Wanting to marry Ishihara.

In this way, in the face of Ishihara, Sato would not dare to embarrass himself anymore. . However, Shang Wanting disagreed, and always only considered it for herself. The father of Shang, who did not care about his daughter’s mind, kidnapped Shen Shuhao and wanted to threaten Shang Wanting with this. Father Shang not only kidnapped Shen Shuhao, but also tortured him severely, asking Shen Shuhao to tell the whereabouts of the vein map. Shen Shuhao refused and was beaten all over by Shangfu’s men. Shangfu deliberately brought Shang Wanting to see Shen Shuhao. Shang Wanting was distressed.

Shen Shuhao, promised his father to marry Ishihara on the condition that his father let Shen Shuhao go. He Mulan is in charge of the Daxin Enterprise. She is a person with a good face in Shanghai. Naturally, she also received an invitation from Shangfu. She learned that Shang Wanting was going to marry Ishihara. He Mulan went to the wedding happily because it was in He Mulan. It seems that if Shang Wanting is married to someone else, then Shen Shuhao will naturally be with herself. During the wedding of Shang Wanting and Ishihara, the unhappy bride walked towards Ishihara step by step.

Just as Ishihara was about to put on a ring for Shang Wanting, a bloody Shen Shuhao appeared at the entrance of the auditorium, and Father Shang saw Shen Shuhao appearing. Very nervous, immediately ordered people to stop Shen Shuhao, Ji Changan stepped forward to relieve Shen Shuhao. Ishihara saw this scene and asked Shang Wanting if she was not ready yet. Shang Wanting nodded. Ishihara asked Shang Wanting why she still married herself.

Shang Wanting said that her father used Shen Shuhao’s safety to persecute him. I have no choice but to. Ishihara understood, he walked to Shen Shuhao , Said he wanted to compete with him, if he lost, then the wedding would be cancelled. Shen Shuhao and Ishihara duel, and win Ishihara. Upon learning the result, Shang Wanting ran to Shen Shuhao excitedly and hugged him. But Ishihara, who was depressed, kept the gentleman’s generosity. He told Father Shang that it was because he and Wanting had nothing to do with him. He left after saying that. Faced with the pointing and pointing of everyone, Shangfu held a grudge against Shen Shuhao, because Shen Shuhao beat him.

He messed up his wishful thinking. Shen Shuhao took Shang Wanting to leave. He told Shang Wanting that after she agreed to marry Ishihara, Shang’s father wanted to cast herself in the river. He knew that Shang Wanting was going to marry Ishihara and hurt Shang’s father. The men came to the wedding scene. Suddenly, dozens of cars surrounded Shen Shuhao’s car. Many people with guns got on and off the car, as well as Shang Wanting’s father. Shang Wanting did not know what her father meant.

Shang Fu said that she would never let Shen Shuhao take away her daughter. Shang Wanting looked at her father who only cared about her own interests and was extremely disappointed. She told her father that she could go back with him. , But the condition is to ensure the safety of Shen Shuhao.

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