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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 28 Recap

Sato invited Miss Hoshino to help them get rid of the wealthy people in Shanghai. They chose Shen Yue, wanting Shen Yue to be their helper and scapegoat. Ever since He Mulan learned that Shen Shuhao was Zhou Dingyi she was looking for, she had a very cold attitude towards Shen Yue, which made Shen Yue very depressed. He was depressed all day, even in the casino, he was absent-minded. .

Because of distraction, Shen Yue lost 360,000 yuan at once, so he had to mortgage the ballroom under his name to the casino. When Shen Yue left the casino, he accidentally saw the Hanshui Gang’s help Chai Qi was discussing a smoke business with the French. He sent his men to block the road and snatched the Hanshui Gang who was going to escort the French. With a cart of opium, Chai Qi used He Mulan to threaten Shen Yue, and Shen Yue was helpless and returned the cart of opium to Chai Qi. Chai Qi chopped off a finger of Shen Yue as a warning. Ishihara has always treated Shang Wanting patiently.

During Shang Wanting’s leg injury, Ishihara took care of her meticulously. Shang Wanting saw that she felt sorry and guilty for Ishihara. After the leg injury healed, she agreed. Ishihara’s invitation, agreed to date Ishihara. Shang Wanting was waiting for Ishihara in the Chamber of Commerce, and overheard the conversation between Sato and Hoshino, and learned that Shen Muzhi’s death was probably the Japanese, because the Japanese were also looking for a map of the veins.

In the middle of the night, the Japanese sent Father Shang to break into Shen’s house in order to steal the oil paintings that Shen Shuhao recovered. During the fight with the man in black, Shen Shuhao knew that the opponent was using karate, so he concluded that the opponent was Japanese, but he did not Guessed, this man in black is the official Japanese puppet-Shang Wanting’s father. Subsequently, Shen Shuhao sneaked into the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, wanting to learn more.

Hearing the conversation between Hoshino and Sato, Hoshino was discussing with Sato whether he wanted to catch Shen Shuhao, and asked about the whereabouts of the vein map, and concluded that the person who had just attacked him in the deep house was Sato’s subordinate. However, Shen Shuhao accidentally touched the door, making Hoshino aware of someone outside the door. Shen Shuhao hurried away. Hoshino and her men desperately chased him. During the escape, Shen Shuhao was shot in the leg. Shang Wanting, who returned from the date, sent Ishihara back to the Chamber of Commerce.

Because Sato asked Ishihara to come and claimed that there was something to discuss, Shang Wanting stopped in front of the Chamber of Commerce. Ishihara got off and asked Ms. Hoshino what happened. When Shang Wanting was about to get out of the car, she saw Shen Shuhao huddled in the back door. Shang Wanting got out of the car and got angry at Ishihara, asking Ishihara and Hoshino to go to the Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible. Shen Shuhao took the opportunity to get into Wanting’s car, and Wanting drove away with Shen Shuhao.

In the Shen family, Shang Wanting asked Dr. Liu to bandage Shen Shuhao’s wound. After the doctor left, Shen Shuhao took Shang Wanting and told her that the scene just now reminded him of him. While in Hangzhou with Wanting, Shen Shuhao told Shang Wanting about his true identity and the past between He Mulan. He firmly told Shang Wanting that the person he loves now is her, and he feels guilty about Mulan, so he will take care of her like a family member. Wanting expressed his understanding.

He Mulan, who was about to be discharged from the hospital, packed her luggage and waited happily for Shen Shuhao to pick her up, but she waited for Shen Yue, and Shen Yue said that Shen Shuhao called herself to pick up He Mulan from the hospital. He Mulan then left with Shen Yue, but she still let Shen Yue carry herself to Shen Mansion. Shen Shuhao explained to Shang Wanting that what he said to her that she had forgotten her was not from the heart. It was because she saw Wanting being with the Japanese and her emotions were out of control.

Wanting said she didn’t mind, because she knew , Shen Shuhao loves himself, and he loves him deeply. The two embraced deeply, and this scene happened to be seen by He Mulan who had rushed over. He Mulan walked towards Shen Yue’s car in despair. Shen Yue saw that he had roughly understood. He sent He Mulan back and stayed outside, listening to the angry He Mulan smashing things until there was no sound in the room before Shen Yue left. Going in, found that He Mulan had fainted on the ground, and she carried Mulan to the bed to rest.

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