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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 27 Recap

Shang Wanting wanted to go back to Shen’s home to retrieve the shoes that Shen Shuhao gave to her, but she was afraid of meeting Shen Shuhao, guarding outside the gate of Shen’s mansion, and saw Shen Shuhao’s car leaving Shen’s home before walking in. In her room, Shang Wanting saw the shoes Shen Shuhao bought for herself in the shoe cabinet, and her memories filled her heart. When she turned and stood up, she met Shen Shuhao who had gone and returned.

Shang Wanting explained to Shen Shuhao that the man he saw with him yesterday was a friend of his father, and she was only accompanying him for his father. Shen Shuhao took Shang Wanting and let Shang Wanting forget about herself, so that she would be happy. Shang Wanting was very angry because she felt that she was just being used by her father as a tool. Now Shen Shuhao said this again, letting Shang Wanting felt very wronged. He Mulan called Shen Shuhao, and she said that she knew the secret of the oil painting and wanted Shen Shuhao to go to He’s house now. When Shen Shuhao came to Hefu, he used oil paintings to force him to recognize his identity.

Shen Shuhao told her everything. Shen Shuhao admitted that his true identity was Zhou Dingyi. Face to face, the fire caused his mother who depended on him to die, and also caused half of his face to be burned. Old Chen saved him. From the words of Old Chen, he knew that he and Shen Shuhao, the young master of the Shen family, looked almost exactly the same. In order to repay Old Chen for his life-saving grace and to understand the mystery of his life experience, Zhou Dingyi agreed to Old Chen’s plan and rushed to Shen’s house to find the vein map.

Shen Shuhao said frankly that after he was burned, his mother’s letter and his situation at the time made him feel that he was unable to give He Mulan happiness, so he chose not to see He Mulan. When He Mulan learned the truth, she was irritated and fainted. Shen Shuhao took He Mulan to the hospital. He Mulan woke up with Zhou Dingyi’s name in her mouth, which made Shen Yue who was guarding her bed very disappointed.

Shen Yue went out to buy food for He Mulan, and met Zhou Dingyi who had come to visit He Mulan. Shen Yue handed He Mulan to Zhou Dingyi and turned away. Shang’s father asked Shang Wanting to accompany him to a Japanese reception. Shang Wanting was unwilling, and deliberately sprained her foot when going downstairs. Shang’s servant accompanied Shang Wanting to the hospital for treatment. In front of He Mulan’s bed, Shen Shuhao said that he was no longer the previous Zhou Dingyi. He and He Mulan could no longer go back.

He Mulan took Zhou Dingyi’s hand and told him that she missed him. Through the window of the ward, He Mulan saw Shang Wanting who was being pushed in a wheelchair by the servant, and deliberately took Zhou Dingyi’s hand. Shang Wanting passed the door of the ward and turned her head inadvertently to see this scene. He Mulan looked at Shang Wanting triumphantly. Shen Shuhao followed He Mulan’s eyes and saw Shang Wanting at the door, so he rushed out to explain to Shang Wanting, but he Shangwan Ting was already angry, she pushed Shen Shuhao away angrily and left the hospital.

Shen Shuhao fried medicine for bruises at home and sent the six sons to Shangfu. Wanting’s girl, Azhi, cooked the medicine, and met Father Shang at the door of Wanting’s room. Shangfu asked Azhi to dump the medicine. Don’t tell Wanting Shen Shuhao about delivering medicine.

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