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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 40 Recap

Concubine Lu’s poisoning of Qiuyue’s crime was exposed. Wang Jixian learned that Wusao was dying and Li Ma suspected Bicota, so he and the little monkey watched outside his door. Although no abnormalities were found, he was still worried that he would inform Wanyan Zeli. So Li Mahe Lin Jue discussed asking Ji Er to monitor the Pike Tower. At night, Li Ma saw a black figure wandering outside Lu Erbao’s house in the camp. When he went to check it, he was surrounded by guards outside Lu Erbao’s gate as an assassin.

Pike Tower pretended to be a good man and came forward to relieve him, but Li Ma still felt that He has no good intentions. Concubine Lu finally couldn’t hold it under the influence of urging fans for a long time. She fainted on the table while watching the Cuju game in the palace. The prince hurriedly ordered someone to help her diagnose and treat her. Qiuyue quickly took out her harm from the house and buried it. He entered the ground outside the house, but accidentally poured some urging fans onto his skirt. The imperial physician diagnosed that Concubine Lu was poisoned.

After Concubine Lu was susceptible to Gong Quanfu, she suspected that Qiuyue had manipulated her food, so she sent Gong Quanfu to monitor Qiuyue. Qiuyue knew that she had been suspected, so she sent herself All the harmful things were hidden, but Gong Quanfu found a few villains in the Qiuyue room. He gave them to Concubine Lu, and Concubine Lu asked Gong Quanfu to call her to confess.

Gong Quanfu found out by accident. Qiuyue has a crush on her body, which confirms that she is the murderer of Concubine Lu. The prince and the fifth sister-in-law took Yudie out of the palace to relax. Yudie talked about the things of the year, but the fifth sister-in-law hesitated and obviously didn’t want her to ask any more questions. The lord saw the clues and went back to the palace to ask Qin noble concubine Yudie what happened in the year when he disappeared.

Qin noble concubine did not remember anything unusual that happened. Wusao was worried about cooking the same dishes for himself and Wang Jixian. He found Wang Jixian and showed him the recipes that he left with Yudie. Wang Jixian found out the secret of Yudie’s life. I know that the person who jumped into the Black Dragon Pool to save the princess turned out to be Wang Jixian’s father. Wang Jixian and Wusao went to Heilongtan to pay homage to their father who disappeared 18 years ago. On the way back, Wusao asked Wang Jixian to go to see the doctor, but Wang Jixian secretly followed her, Wusao left the drugstore, and Wang Jixian went in and pretended that he was Wu.

My wife-in-law, learned from the doctor that Wu’s wife was dying and died soon, so Wang Jixian was heartbroken. Wang Jixian went to Li Ma’s grave to find the fifth sister-in-law, and the fifth sister-in-law knew that Wang Jixian knew about it, so she begged him not to tell anyone. The prince asked an old eunuch to ask about what happened in the past.

The old official told him that the night of the princess’s disappearance, the national teacher opened the altar to surrender the dragon demon. After surrendering the dragon demon, the national teacher died suddenly. The prince still didn’t understand the matter, so he approached Zhou Xiang to discuss it, but Zhou Xiang couldn’t figure it out.

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