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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 39 Recap

Qiuyue put on good-looking clothes and came to the prince’s bedroom to deliver food. She was stopped by someone from entering. Gong Quanfu spoke to her. The guards let her in. Qiuyue was reluctant to leave after putting her things. She stole the prince’s clothes. A happy smile appeared. Al-Hatu was under house arrest in her own account. Wu Naxi came to see him and told him to recognize the situation, but Al-Hatu still had illusions about regaining power in the army and refused to listen to her.

Wu Naxi I wanted to persuade her again, but Doro came in and let her leave. Wu Naxi had to find Yan Zeli and told him not to target his father again. After some bargaining, Wan Yan Zeli reluctantly promised that he could return to his hometown if Alhatu wanted him. And no longer limit the time when the father and daughter meet. Wang Jixian missed the fifth sister-in-law very much in the palace. The dishes he named to the prince were all related to the fifth sister-in-law.

After listening to him, the prince understood his purpose and promised Wang Jixian to take him into the palace to see the fifth sister-in-law. The next day, Wusao was bored in the room. Wang Jixian came to her with a flower. Wusao asked him what was wrong, and Wang Jixian confessed to her shyly. Li Ma returned to the barracks and was asked by Ji Er why he was here. Li Ma explained that he had already seen Yudie and Wusao, and was ordered to come and assist everyone.

As soon as he arrived at the barracks, Li Ma immediately went into the state to discuss countermeasures against the enemy, but when Lu Erbao saw him back, he still wanted to compete with him. The two were evenly matched. Ji Er came over wearing her daughter’s costume, and Li Ma saw her as Yudie and Lu Erbao were a little surprised by her beauty. A war broke out on the front line, and Li Ma returned to the battlefield. Ji Er accidentally learned that Li Ma came back so quickly because Yudie and the prince were married, and looked forward to the opportunity to be with Li Ma. Biketa of the Wanyan Department suddenly surrendered to the Song Army, saying that he would defeat Wanyan Zeli with Lu Erbao.

Lu Erbao wanted to personally check the information given by Bicata. Li Ma and Lin Jue were worried that because of Lu Erbao’s aggressiveness, they would lose all the games. Lu Erbao returned and left Wanyan Jiang at the Song Army camp. Li Ma Linjue suspected Fraud, but Lu Erbao refused to listen. Zhou Xiang told the prince that he thought the murderer was in the mansion. The prince asked angrily why he could not catch the real murderer. Zhou Xiang also considered the confession of the previous cook and speculated that the real murderer was the eunuch in the palace.

The eunuch’s movements, find the murderer as soon as possible. Concubine Luo told her parents that Yudie is a princess, and the whole family was panicked. Mrs. Luo thought of hosting a family banquet to ease the relationship between Manhe and Yudie. Concubine Luo informed the prince about this idea, and the prince readily agreed to let her handle the matter. Concubine Lu felt that Concubine Luo had robbed herself of the limelight and ran to Gui Concubine Qin to suggest a princess banquet for Yudie.

Concubine Qin allowed her to take charge of the banquet. Concubine Lu’s plan succeeded and was delighted. On the other side, the prince told Concubine Luo that the family banquet was changed to a princess feast. After Nuo, the banquets in the mansion were all organized by her, and Luo Fei immediately showed a smile. Soon after arriving at the princess banquet, Yudie presented the emperor, the concubine Qin, and the fifth sister-in-law with dishes made by herself. He suggested that the emperor save money and reward the soldiers at the border. The emperor was named Princess Shude.

The fifth sister-in-law and Wang Jixian also offered to the emperor The dishes, as a result, their dishes are exactly the same. Concubine Lu’s body gradually had problems. Qiuyue knew that the medicine she had administered had worked. She didn’t want to be the next person forever. She felt that the time had come, so she began to show her favor to the prince. Gong Quanfu told Concubine Lu about the matter. Concubine Lu was angry again.

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