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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 38 Recap

In the middle of the night, it was difficult for everyone to sleep. The prince went to visit Concubine Luo, Yudie missed Li Ma in the room, and Li Ma stood outside the palace thinking, but couldn’t understand it anyway. When the time came, Concubine Qin asked someone to take Yudie into the palace. When she arrived in the palace, she stumbled upon Yudie’s other half with a child-mother lock.

In order to prove what she thought in her heart, Concubine Qin invited her Wusao into the palace again, and Wusao told them At that time, my husband went to the mountain to quarry and met an old man holding a baby in Heilongtan. The old man told him that someone was chasing the child and gave the child to him. He told him to protect the child and jumped into Heilongtan. .

After hearing this, Yudie knew that she was not the fifth sister-in-law, so it was difficult to accept it. Concubine Qin knew that Yudie was her own daughter. She was overjoyed, thinking that she almost let her brother and sister get married, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself as ridiculous. After that, she hurriedly ordered people to cancel the marriage between Yudie and Zhao Yuanqing.

Yudie finally married Qin Guifei, The emperor recognizes each other. Concubine Qin and the emperor summoned Zhao Yuanqing into the palace again. Zhao Yuanqing thought that they were calling themselves to tell him that Yudie did not want to marry him, so she requested to cancel the marriage. Guifei Qin told him that Yudie was his sister. People are brothers and sisters. Zhao Yuanqing felt very shocked, but she was very happy. When Concubine Lu knew about it, she thought that Yudie would no longer pose a threat to herself, and she was in a good mood.

Standing outside the palace all night, Li Ma also thought about it all night. He decided to give Yudie the best life. He wished Yudie and the prince a happy life and left the capital to return to the military camp. Gong Quanfu pretended to be sick again and came to Renhe Drugstore and handed the latest news to Boss Yan that Yudie is a princess. Wang Jixian came to the kitchen and told Guier that Yudie was a princess. He lamented that Wusao had become the princess’ adoptive mother and she was also a cook in the palace. Wusao was even more unattainable to him.

After that, Guier went to the palace to serve Yudie, but Yudie stayed in the palace all day and couldn’t be happy. Concubine Lu ordered Qiuyue to go to the lieutenant Yudie’s room to take out the reminder powder she had put out before. After receiving it, Qiuyue saw the gift that was still in the Yudie’s room. Guier, who came back to help Yudie get the paper-cut, panicked and found a reason to leave. Guier suspected that Qiuyue was going to steal something, so she packed all the valuable things into the palace and told Yudie about it. Wan Yan Zeli was frowning about the war. At this time, the news of Gong Quanfu came. Wan Yan Zeli knew that Yudie was a princess, and seemed to have a plan in his heart, with an unclear smile on his face.

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