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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 37 Recap

Concubine Qin announced to everyone that Yudie would be adopted as the royal concubine. After the prince succeeds to the throne, Yudie will be the mother of the world. Concubine Lu and Concubine Luo were a little disappointed after hearing this. The prince did not feel particularly pleased. Yudie Without the slightest indication, silently accept. At the same time, Wunaxi was forced to marry Wanyanzeli. Alhatu saw that Wunaxi was reluctant, but he also had to welcome Wanyanzeli, who was in power.

The little monkey was very depressed all day because of the loss of his good brother. Lin Jue finally agreed to go with him to get back the bodies of Li Ma and Ji Er. The two came to Wanyan Camp and asked Wanyan Zeli for the corpse. Wanyan Zeli lied to them that they would kneel down before returning. The little monkey knelt on the ground without hesitation. Wanyan Zeli sent someone to return the fake ashes.

Give them to two people, and let them leave Wanyan Daying. Wan Yan Zeli admired the brotherhood of the little monkey and asked Doro if he would be the same if he died. Doro said he would die. Wang Jixian has repeatedly hinted to Wusao that she agrees to be with him, but Wusao is still indifferent and Wang Jixian is very depressed. At this time, Concubine Lu was pressed, and Qiuyue kept bewitching her with words, she finally made up her mind to deal with Yudie, she asked Gong Quanfu to discuss how to deal with Yudie, Gong Quanfu Concubine Lu nodded with satisfaction.

The prince asked Zhou Xiang to ensure the safety of the palace and prevent Yudie from being harmed during the wedding. The imperial concubine Qin sent someone to send a generous gift to Yudie. Yudie and Wusao were not impressed. On the contrary, Wusao’s rattle was even more loved by Yudie. The more gifts were given, Yudie couldn’t stand it, and suggested to the prince to shorten the wedding process and send the saved property to the frontier soldiers. The prince was very pleased.

Concubine Luo and Concubine Lu also sent congratulatory gifts. Concubine Lu herself attracted Yudie’s attention and asked Qiuyue to take the opportunity to secretly put the poison in the porcelain in the Yudie house, hoping to harm Yudie. Unexpectedly, Qiuyue divided the urging powder brought by Gong Quanfu into two parts beforehand, and put them in Yudie and Concubine Lu’s pillow.

The servant found the body of Xiaochunzi in the garden. The prince and Zhou Xiang speculated that several murders were committed by the same person, but now the big wedding is about to be done, so they cannot make a public announcement in advance. Li Ma and Ji Er finally returned to the capital, Ji Er let Li Ma enter the city, and went back to find his brother Lin Jue.

The little monkey was about to give Li Ma and Ji Er to the grave, but Ji Er appeared in front of them, knowing Li Ma and Ji Er Everything was fine, and the two were pleasantly surprised. Li Ma learned that Yudie was going to marry the prince the next day. He thought that Yudie had changed her mind, but she still did not have the courage to walk in outside the palace.

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