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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 36 Recap

Wang Jixian found the fifth sister-in-law and told the fifth sister-in-law Qin Guifei to marry Yudie to the prince, so she didn’t have to leave the capital. Knowing that Yudie declined Qin Guixie, she wanted Yudie to find a golden lock that Yudie would take with Yudie. Give Yudie, let her consider the suggestion of the imperial concubine. Under Qiuyue’s instigation, Concubine Lu was worried that the prince would marry Yudie, so she once again sent Qiuyue to the prince’s bedroom to spy. Qiuyue was ordered to go. Who knew that Qiuyue actually liked the prince and was crazy about it.

After checking, she came back and reported to Concubine Lu about everything. It didn’t happen. Concubine Qin found the fifth sister-in-law, and wanted to persuade her to agree to marry Yudie to the prince. The fifth sister-in-law agreed to help the concubine Qin persuade Yudie to agree. Man He pretended to be a jade butterfly to please the prince. The prince asked her why she wanted to be like this. Man He told him that he just wanted to make the prince happy. Zhao Yuanqing heard her words and finally realized that he had been ignoring the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the people around him.

He decided to treat Man He well, and told Man He that as long as she kept her natural and lovely look, he would definitely like her forever, Man He cried with joy. Yudie came to Li Ma’s tomb and asked Li Ma if he agreed to marry Zhao Yuanqing, and asked Li Ma to give him some hints. If the crow called out, he would disagree, and if he called twice, he would agree, but the crow only called out. .

Wusao watched for a long time from the side, telling Yudie to accept the fact that Li Ma was dead, and persuading Yudie to make sacrifices for Song Dynasty and the common people, and to marry the prince who has now become state-conscious, Yudie remained silent. . Gui Concubine Qin summoned Yudie and told her that the emperor had ordered her to marry the prince. Yudie worried that if she disagreed, the people around her would be innocently affected, so she chose to agree.

Gui Concubine Qin was very pleased. Qiuyue immediately reported the matter to Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu couldn’t accept it, thinking that Yudie was serious and decided to retreat. But the prince was not very happy when he heard that Yudie agreed to it. Instead, he did not agree. Yudie found the prince to persuade him to accept the marriage. Zhao Yuanqing was helpless, but after hearing Yudie’s persuasion, he had to accept it reluctantly. At this time, Li Ma had already walked out of the woods and was ready to return. Wunaxi said farewell to the two of them. Not long after they left, she met Doro who was looking for her.

In order to prevent Li and Ma from being discovered by Doro, she promised Doro to return. At Wanyan Daying, after Wanyanbing left, Li Majier was able to escape safely. Wunaxi returned to the camp, and his father was about to hand over the right to send troops. Wanyan Zeli forced Wunaxi to marry him. Wunaxi saw through his true face and sweared to death, biting Wanyan Zeli. Wusao went through so many things, and her body went from bad to worse, and finally couldn’t hold back and fainted in the kitchen.

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